These are 3 FF Pets with Overpowered Healing Skills in Free Fire!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Free Fire presents various types pet which has skills interesting, like pet Dreki who is able to detect enemies who are using medkits, and the latest is Moony who can protect Buddy Booyah when doing countdown interactions.

Of the various types of pets that have been present in Free Fire, there are 3 pets that have: skills strengthen healing Buddy Booyah you know! what are pet which has healing skills? Let’s see the discussion below!

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When at max level, healing skills Double Blubber Ottero’s will add EP Buddy Booyah by 65% ​​of HP restored through medkits or Treatment Guns.

So by using skills Ottero, Buddy Booyah will get additional EP at once when recovering HP using a medkit or Treatment Gun.

Spirit Fox

Pet Spirit Fox or better known as Okami, has skills which name is Well Fed, which is able to provide an extra 10 HP at the maximum level when using a medkit.

Skills Well Fed from Spirit Fox is very overpowerSo Buddy Booyah can recover more HP just by using 1 medkit.


If before pet Spirit Fox will give you extra HP every time you do a medkit, pet This panda will restore 10 HP Buddy Booyah when at the maximum level after killing enemies using skills Panda’s Blessings hers.

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By bringing skills Panda, Buddy Booyah can be better prepared for the next battle with HP that is not dying and can save a little medkit after killing enemies.

What do you think, Buddy Booyah? Are Buddy Booyah interested in bringing one? pet which has healing skills above this?

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