These 3 Active OP Skills You Can Use to Play in Lone Wolf FF Mode!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

On August 6, Free Fire released a very interesting new mode, namely Lone Wolf mode. Previously, Lone Wolf mode has been introduced and can be tested on Advance Server last July.

Lone Wolf mode has a very fierce gameplay that is different from other modes. In a special map called Iron Cage, Buddy Booyah will fight against enemies in 1v1 using the weapons that have been provided.

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For Buddy Booyah who wants to win Lone Wolf mode easily, Buddy Booyah can once use one of the 3 skills active below!

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It is undeniable, skills active Time Turner have Chrono is skills strongest active in Free Fire. Using Chrono in Lone Wolf mode, will make it easier for Buddy Booyah to kill enemies and win round by round.

With shield which can withstand 600 damage, Buddy Booyah will be able to survive from enemy attacks during a 1v1 duel in Lone Wolf mode.


Besides Chrono, Buddy Booyah can also use Wukong to play in Lone Wolf mode. Skills Camouflage from Wukong will make it easier for Buddy Booyah to rub the enemy agilely and easily, because the enemy cannot easily destroy the camouflage of the bushes from Wukong.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok has skills which name is Drop The Best, which is able to increase 5 HP for 10 seconds and increase the speed of 15% running speed using his cool aura which is 5 meters wide.

Skills The activation from DJ Alok will make it easier for Buddy Booyah to recover HP during a 1v1 duel in Lone Wolf mode without using the slightest medkit. According to Buddy Booyah himself, skills which FF character is the most suitable for use in the new Lone Wolf mode?

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