These 2 Character Skills Have Can Charge FF Weapon Bullets!

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Until now, Free Fire has provided more than 30 characters that are ready to be used by players. To better support the game, Free Fire embeds features skills on every character that is present in Free Fire (FF).

Of course, with this feature, it is hoped that it can increase the percentage of players’ wins when competing against enemies. Skills that each character has is unique, because each character has skills different ones.

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Skills Characters in Free Fire (FF) are divided into 2 groups, namely: skills active and also skills passive, both of which have their own advantages. Even though there is a division skills that counts significant, However skills that each character has can still be relied on by the players.

Of the many skills existing characters, there seems to be a character with a resemblance skills brought, let’s call it a character with skills able to reload bullets faster. So, what characters have skills the? Check out the following Booyah News review.

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Skills Firearms Expert owned by Nikita This is capable of accelerating the reloading of all SMG-type weapons. That way players will have a chance to win the match thanks to skills which is owned Nikita. The reason is, players will still have a large supply of bullets at all times.


Different from Nikita, skills of character Jai this will only be used when the player manages to knock down an opponent. Therefore, Jai will automatically reload up to 45% of its capacity.

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