There’s a New Bug on the Olympus Apex Legends Map!

Even though Apex Legends is currently in the midst of its eighth season of content, this battle royale seems to be moving faster than ever before.

In fact, Apex Legends has again broken a new player record on Steam which reached almost 200 thousand players at once. Besides its popularity, there is a new bug in the Olympus map that makes players unable to die.

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The bug was discovered by a user on Reddit named Mayor-of-Apex. He said that his friend inxrfrii found a bug during the game.

My buddy inxrfrii doesn’t have social but he found this bug! This plant makes you invincible!

posted Mayor-of-Apex on Reddit

The video attached to the post shows that his friend was knocked out, he moved to an area with potted plants on the balcony and then strangely enough he didn’t take any damage at all.

In the video, it is evident when Inxrfrii takes cover behind a plant that is hit repeatedly by the enemy but there is not the slightest amount of damage. Even the enemy that shot at him couldn’t do any damage to him.

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This bug at Olympus is new, and it’s not clear how much of it can be exploited. For example, whether the player can hide behind a plant pot and shoot back by taking cover there when in a critical condition or knock.


Of course, many gamers hope that the developer will fix this bug so it won’t be abused or take advantage of players who take advantage of the bug. Hopefully in the next update that coincides with the Caustic event, Respawn will immediately deal with the bug or glitch.

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