There’s a Hadouken & AWM FF x Street Fighter Emote at the Magic Arrow Event!

There’s a Hadouken & AWM FF x Street Fighter Emote at the Magic Arrow Event!

The Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration has been going on since July 2, 2021, and so far there have been lots of cool special items coming.

But it looks like Garena is not finished yet, because this time 2 special items themed Street Fighter V will be present at the latest FF event.

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Players will get the AWM Fūrinkazan and Emote Hadouken gun skins at the latest Magic Arrow event!

Hadouken is a very iconic move in Street Fighter, while AWM Fūrinkazan will be decorated with an all-round Street Fighter look.

Emote Hadouken & AWM Fūrinkazan FF x Street Fighter

Source: Garena

The Magic Arrow event will be present starting today July 13, 2021 and how to play this event is not difficult at all!

Spinners must collect coins by doing spins. The coins you get can then be exchanged for the prizes offered, which include Emote Hadouken and AWM Fūrinkazan.

Here is a list of prices for making a shot or a spin:

  • 1 Shoot/Spin: 20 Diamond
  • 5 Shoot/Spin: 80 Diamond

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AWM Fūrinkazan will provide a fairly large statistical change, here are the AWM statistics:

  • Damage: ++
  • Reload Speed: +
  • Magazines: –

That’s information about the Hadouken and AWM Fūrinkazan FF x Street Fighter emotes that were present at the latest Magic Arrow Event! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.

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