There’s a Free Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle, Here’s How To Get It!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Moco Rebirth, the event that enlivened Free Fire, has finally come to Free Fire some time ago by presenting various interesting events and of course mandatory to follow.

One reason is that there are various free gifts in it. Not only Gun Skin and other items, Buddy Booyah can also get a free Bundle which has the name Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle!

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Yep,. Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle is one of the free gifts at the Moco Rebirth Free Fire event. Curious how to get it? Here, Booyah News has a leak on how to get it!

Free Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle at Moco Rebirth Event

Cosmic Teleportia FF is a new Bundle that is present at Free Fire which Buddy Booyah can get for free through the Moco Rebirth event. But, of course this Bundle can not be obtained just like that.

Later the Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle will be available on the Horizon Store. If Buddy Booyah checks it now, the Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle hasn’t appeared as one of the prizes in the Horizon Store because this bundle was only released after the Dechipering process reached 100%.

Dechipering Process

If later Dechipering is at 100%, Buddy Booyah can immediately exchange the Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle for 600 Moco Coins at the Horizon Store.

You can get Moco Coin, Buddy Booyah, by playing the Pew Pew Pew mini game on the Coder Nest Special Interface. The amount of Moco Coin that Buddy Booyah will get for each game will vary depending on your skills.

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Later the Bundle can be exchanged in the red box

Is Buddy Booyah impatiently waiting for the Deciphering process to reach 100% and exchange the Moco Coin that Buddy Booyah has for the Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle?

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