The Mouse and Keyboard Solution Still Turns On Even When the Laptop Is Turned Off

When the laptop is turned off (shutdown), basically the USB port will not be able to be used. But what if the laptop you have is actually different, all USB ports can be used so that tools such as the mouse and keyboard are still on.

Things like that are usually caused because the laptop has features like a powerbank. So even if the device has been turned off, some of the system conditions are still on. And the feature is called Power-Off USB Charging.

Although not all laptops have this feature, you can check on Google whether the laptop you are using supports this feature. So it could be that the problem you are experiencing is caused by this feature.

Overcoming the Mouse and Keyboard Turning On Even though the Laptop is Off

In connection with the many obstacles, this is due to the features Power-Off USB Charging, then all you need to do is disable the feature. The method may be different for each brand of laptop, but here I will explain how for this type of laptop Acer.

  1. Open the program Acer Quick Access.

    Open Acer Quick Access

  2. Pay attention to the Power-Off USB Charging menu that is currently active.

    USB Charging Power-Off Feature is On

  3. Please deactivate it by clicking on the option next to the menu.

    The Mouse and Keyboard Solution Still Turns On Even When the Laptop Is Turned Off

If the feature has been disabled, please try to turn off the laptop and keep plugging the mouse or keyboard into the USB port. Surely now the mouse / keyboard will not turn on or active anymore.

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However, if the USB port is still active and providing electrical power, it means that the laptop is not completely turned off.

Turn off the Fast Startup Feature

Basically there is nothing wrong with this feature, it will make the laptop do boot faster than usual. That’s because some programs still run at minimal processes even when the device is turned off. So that when the laptop is turned on, the program does not need to be started from scratch.

Knowing the laptop system is not completely shut down allows this to happen which causes the USB port to still work even when the device is turned off. Therefore, you can try to just disable the feature Fast Startup this and then see the results back.

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Update BIOS Version

Updating the BIOS version is indeed risky, but it is highly recommended so that the performance of the laptop device can be stable and safe. And to get the BIOS file, you can download it from the website according to the brand of laptop used.

If you are hesitant to update the BIOS, I highly recommend doing it on service center according to the brand of the laptop so that the technician can help.

Those are just some of the solutions I can give. Most users experience it due to features Power-Off USB Charging that lights up, but this can also be caused by other things as discussed above.

If you have questions or additions regarding solutions other than the above, you are very welcome to comment in the column provided below.

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Hope it is useful

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