The Most Awesome Dirt Bike Challenge Android Game

Have you ever thought about having a dirt bike that you can use to do something you never imagined like crossing obstacles for a fee? Of course not many want it as real, but surely there are those who want it unreal in the form of games. This time I will share the game which has an interesting and very funny theme so that players will not be bored when playing this game always. So you don’t need a real dirt bike anymore, because the game that I share already looks real and is waiting for you to be ready to use it. This game is called “Trials Frontier”.

Trials Frontier made by experienced game developers, namely Ubisoft (RedLynx). In this game, you can’t just go through obstacles, but you can also race, whether it’s with a robot or online, it’s definitely going to be very exciting online. This game is categorized Racing and Funny. You will find a little different things at the end of the finish line, which makes you laugh when you see players as if trapped from obstacles. Not only at the finish line, the first start of the trail, you will be greeted by breaking a large rock from above. Don’t assume you failed, because it’s already there from the story.

In this Trials Frontier game, there are many tasks that must be completed, and each person has a different task, and your goal is to complete the task and earn coins and XP. The higher your level, the more roads will open from the map. You can also motorcycle upgrade that you use or buy a new motorbike. To get a new motorbike is not as easy as you think, so you have to complete the task and get the paper that is cut, and must be collected so that it becomes a picture of the motorbike. Here are some snippets of pictures that I got, please see below.

Trials Frontier Trials Frontier Trials Frontier Trials Frontier Trials Frontier

Interesting right ? This game is distributed for free and at this time I can’t share this game via direct link because of this game need verification from playstore, so it must be installed from the playstore so that it can be played. Unless the phone has been rooted, it will certainly be able to run by eliminating the verification. this game can’t run on Low-end phones, because it uses high 3D graphics. Minimum RAM required is 512Mb. To download please click on the banner below.

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Trials Frontier game requires Android version 2.3 and above, has an APK file size of 15Mb, requires a game cache with a size of approx. 125Mb, and can be run offline or online. Cannot run on low-end phones. Play this game right now and you will get experience as a reliable biker, defeat every enemy and make your motorbike stronger to climb the hills, find new motorbikes, paint according to the color you want, only in Trials Frontier.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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