The McLaren Project FF Car Comes Free, Here’s How To Get It!

Mclaren project FF free

The McLaren Project FF Car Comes Free, Here’s How To Get It!

The Free Fire (FF) x McLaren collaboration has promised the presence of cool McLaren cars into the game, and so far players have enjoyed various types of McLaren P1 cars that are already here.

But apart from the McLaren P1, the collaboration of these two brands has resulted in a new car, namely concept car McLaren Project FF.

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This car has the appearance of a racing car from the future and looks very modern and very cool.

Well, the good news for Free Fire players, you will be able to use this vehicle for free!

McLaren Project FF is free!

Free Fire Indonesia’s Instagram account @Freefirebgid has uploaded a post featuring this latest vehicle!

As reported by the Free Fire Indonesia social media account post, players will be able to use this vehicle in Battle Royale and Training Ground modes.

For the Training Ground, players will be able to find this vehicle on the Race Track and you will be able to race with this car.

While in Battle Royale mode, players will be able to find McLaren Project FF cars via mapdrops in the middle of the match!

So for those of you who want to experience the newest vehicle of the Free Fire x McLaren collaboration, you can try it right away in the game.

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That’s information about the McLaren Project FF car that is available for free on Free Fire! Don’t forget to visit the SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow our Instagram and Youtube.

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