The Latest Save Fighter Event on Free Fire (FF)

It turns out that there is a Latest Save Fighter Event in Free Fire (FF), where it is specially present at the current event.

From one event that can be used as best as possible when playing later, it will give many prizes.

After you have followed all of this now, it can also be put to good use without anything to be missed at all.

Because everything related to the theme of the current event, is indeed a new part to be used by the players themselves.

Where things like this are also quite interesting, because they appear at the Free Fire x Street Fighter Collaboration Event.

From here, too, there are many attractive prizes that you can take advantage of with the event prizes.

Especially for the Latest Save Fighter Event on Free Fire (FF), of course you will get lots of interesting prizes here.

Curious? Check out the event right now.

Latest Save Fighter Events on Free Fire (FF)

So for this new event in the Free Fire game, you already know that the name is the newest Save Fighter to try.

Of course, with the presence of an event like this, it is indeed very interesting and can be used very well without any problems.

Where for the presence of the event this time, it is really interesting and you have to make good use of it all.

While playing the event, don’t forget to finish the Free Figther Free Fire event right now.

Because from this event, there are still many interesting and cool prizes that you can get easily.

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That way we have nothing to miss, from the presence of this latest event, which gives very profitable prizes, yes.

  1. Login first into this Free Fire game, so you can check what the event is like.
  2. After you are in the Lobby of this game, then you just have to check directly on the Free Fire Event Tab for things like that too.
  3. If you are already in the Event Tab, you check the part of the Mission called Save Fighter right now.
  4. Here you will receive missions that have been completed, not only that, the event period only lasts from 12-19 July 2021.
  5. Here there are 2 Missions that will give cool prizes, you only need to Revive on a squad friend to be able to complete this.
  6. These prizes will be received immediately, if you have successfully completed the mission in the event right now.

That way, it’s not surprising that a mission event like this, you should be able to use it quite well and must be followed right now.

Easy and Fast, as long as you really managed to reach the Target of Revive which must be done right now.

Revive Friend 4 times: Weapon Loot Crate Flaming Wolf

Revive Friends 8 Times: 2 Weapon Royale Tickets

With 2 prizes like this, we can really benefit those who take part in the event, so don’t be surprised if you really have to try it.

There are indeed many new events like this, so make sure you can complete them and don’t miss anything at all.

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After knowing the Latest Save Fighter Event on Free Fire (FF), then this is indeed quite profitable for you to take advantage of all of them too.

What about the events that you can complete now, of course, they can be put to good use in the latest update of this event.

Not only that, you can also know how to get a Free Free Fire Magic Cube which is pretty cool and can be very profitable later.

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