The Latest M82B Weapon Bug Free Fire (FF) 2021

There is news where the Latest M82B Weapon Bug Free Fire (FF), this is one of the information which is of course quite interesting now.

Because what we know is that the bug on the M82B weapon is, of course, quite detrimental to many people and dangerous too.

So that there is no other choice where Garena has to do this repair, so that later the player does not lose when it hits.

There are still lots of new updates that will be introduced into the game too, of course, all of this is very interesting.

Maybe you also know that there was a Vector Weapon Bug in Free Fire, which of course was a problem.

Because many lose, when the use of this bug starts to run rampant in the game.

Especially for now, there is a Latest M82B Weapon Bug Free Fire (FF) which is still warm for us to know about.

What are the bugs like? Let’s go straight to the explanation now.

The Latest M82B Weapon Bug Free Fire (FF)

M82B Free Fire Weapon

In the use of weapons in this Free Fire game, there are indeed a lot of them and you can use them well too.

Not only that, if there is a weapon that has a bug, it won’t take long for a lot of people to know about it.

Because the bugs that are present in the Free Fire game now, will definitely bring the most pronounced shortcomings in the match.

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Just yesterday the AUG Free Fire Weapon Bug, it’s only visual, but if it’s not fixed, it can be dangerous too.

Now, if there is a new bug that is present in the M82B Weapon, of course something like that is quite dangerous if left unchecked.

Reportedly, the latest Bug on this M82B Weapon, is a Bug with an effect on the Gloo Wall that is installed in the match.

As we know that Gloo Wall will still be penetrated, when you guys use the M82B Weapon.

The damage received by enemies that hide later, will increase to 60% because of the Weapon.

But now the bug that occurs in the M82B weapon itself, we really have to know where the part is.

Kabargokil also has a variety of things and predictions, about the bug that happened to the weapon, too, later.

First, the bug on Gloo wall and M82B, the attack given by M82B really can’t penetrate at all.

So where is the condition of the player in the back hiding, it’s still safe even though it’s in the aim of this weapon.

The two bugs that occur can be considered destroyers, even though we install a lot of Gloo Walls, but one shot will immediately destroy.

Just like the skill of the Skyler character, but this bug can make the user of the item panic too.

The three damage received by the player behind the Gloo Wall is unnatural and makes the match situation more different.

Where initially it was 60% but later on it could immediately spend HP.

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What Happens To The M82B During A Bug?

Garena seems to be taking quick steps in dealing with things like this, after getting a lot of reports, the M82B has finally been removed.

During this period, you will not be able to use the Weapon and will return to normal once the Bug disappears.

It’s almost the same as some of the old features in this Free Fire game, where there are bugs that will definitely be deleted first.

This will minimize the occurrence of big problems, when you use this M82B Weapon.

After knowing the Latest Free Fire (FF) M82B Weapon Bug, then those of us who still find it must be careful.

Because it could be that the bug later, will make everyone lose, it will also apply to us who feel it later.

Especially now that you will also know, that How to Report a Bug on Free Fire is indeed quite easy.

If you experience a bug that is detrimental or experience it, we will immediately report it all.

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