The Importance of Support in Free Fire (FF)! Still Underestimate?

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The Support role is one of the 3 most common roles in Free Fire. Those who play as Support are people who act as reinforcements with the main task of protecting teammates and supporting the game.

Currently, very few percentages of players actually play a pure Support role. The majority of players want to be a rusher, or play as usual without thinking about the importance of having a support.

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Seeing this, Berita Booyah wants to point out several things that make the existence of the Support role not to be underestimated. For more details, Buddy Booyah can see the review below!

Maximizing Teammate Play

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With development gameplay Free Fire currently, a Support can play more flexibly and support the games of 3 teammates. Support can provide long range attacks and back up fire and can fill the Second Rusher’s position to maintain and patch up Rusher’s shortcomings in carrying out their duties.

So, the strength of a team is not only obtained from the number of Rushers with great close combat skills. Support with good understanding and playing skills is also able to provide a balance of play and strengthen the team.

A Place to Hold Important Resources

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Another important task that must be carried out by a Support is to become a granary resources for his friends. Support is a place to hoard various important resources and prioritize their use to teammates.

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Collecting a lot of resources, having to pay attention to the quality and quantity of friends’ resources, and putting teammates first in a state of urgency are actions that reduce the comfort of playing. But thanks to the support of the supply of resources provided, teammates can play well.

That’s why most Support uses weapons that don’t require many attachments or bullets such as snipers and Marksman Rifles to use character skills and pet skills whose effects can be shared with friends.

Ensuring Teammates’ Safety

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As a helper, Support must be quick to respond to rescue teammates. Not infrequently we can see a Support pair and willing to sacrifice himself.

Things like this will be difficult to find if Buddy Booyah’s team doesn’t have a pure support. If the team plays without direction and lacks coordination regarding the division of tasks, it is certain that your team is playing less effectively.

Those are some of the reasons that make the existence of Support an important thing in playing the Free Fire game. So, you don’t always have the ambition to be a Rusher like EVOS.MR05 or IOG.Bion09 it looks cool. Playing as Support also provides many benefits!

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