The Golden AN94 FF Becomes a Prize in Clash Squad Rank Season 8 Free Fire!

Hi Buddy Booyah

Maybe, today is a day that Buddy Booyah doesn’t like. The reason is, today Free Fire is getting a big update which means that maintenance will be carried out. During maintenance, players will not be able to access Free Fire.

Even so, in this August update, of course, there are many things that cannot be missed, one of which is the Clash Squad Rank reset, which means that the Clash Squad Rank will soon enter Season 8.

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Every Season of Clash Squad Rank always brings gifts in the form of Gold weapon skins. Then, in this Clash Squad Rank Season 8 Free Fire, what kind of weapon Gold skin can Buddy Booyah get? Here is the leak!

The Golden ANG94 Free Fire (FF)

The Golden AN94 Free Fire (FF) will be the next Gold weapon skin available as a Clash Squad Rank Season 8 Free Fire (FF) prize! As the name suggests, this Gun Skin is an AN94 weapon wrapped in gold.

Later, to be able to get The Golden AN94 FF like before, Buddy Booyah must at least reach Gold III rank, later this Gun Skin will automatically be available and Buddy Booyah can claim.

Meanwhile, Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 itself will take place starting on August 5th. Of course this will be a good thing for Buddy Booyah who wants to improve your Clash Squad rank.

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How about Buddy Booyah himself with the look of The Golden AN94 Free Fire (FF)? Of course there is no reason not to get this special Gun Skin!

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