The Complete Guide to Playing Free Fire for Beginners in 2021

Free Fire is a game made by Garena that carries the battle royale genre with TPS (Third Person Shooter) which is quite popular in Indonesia. It is so popular that some gamers create free fire guide content for beginners like what we are doing right now.

Like its name and genre, Free Fire is a shooting game that will bring together 50 players on a wide map, where they have to kill each other, whoever survives is the winner.

Not a few gamers are confused when they first play a battle royale genre game. Therefore, we are here to provide guidelines and tips for playing Free Fire for beginners. If you are interested, please read this article to the end.

What to do while on the plane?

free fire map

For the first time playing Free Fire, maybe you are a little confused about the plane that brought you. Yes this plane will take you to the place where you will land.

Because the plane goes straight, you can determine the trajectory easily. Over 55% of the players chose to use a parachute before the plane reached the center of the map.

free fire map 1

Tips from us:
To survive longer and have a better chance of finding loot, it’s best to wait at the end of the path (map) to unlock the parachute.

Not recommended for beginners:
If you like an aggressive style of play, think again. Because if you make a wrong move, then you will be killed in vain and of course this will make you fail in winning the battle.

Parachute Falls

free fire parachute

Use analog to point the character towards the desired location. When you have adjusted the direction you are going, make sure you move the analog up so that the character can jump straight.

Use the markers and check the minimap on the top left to see if your character is moving in the intended direction.

free fire parachute 2

When you use your parachute and see an enemy that has also landed faster in the same location, change the direction of your parachute and land somewhere else, in a quiet place.

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Avoid crowded places, it’s too risky to land in crowded locations especially if your enemies have gotten weapons first. Keep playing safe for loot hunting.

What to do after a successful landing?

free fire guide (2)

When you manage to land in the designated place, of course you have nothing to fight with other players. So the first step is, find a weapon as fast as possible.

Once you have a weapon to survive, you can decide what weapon to use and what to replace. After that look for other equipment such as bullets and others.

Assault Rifle is highly recommended for you. Because AR type weapons are able to fight enemies from a distance. This gives an advantage over players using SMG or Shotguns.

However, if you are in close combat, the Shotgun is the best weapon to kill the enemy. Shotgun is able to kill enemies faster than SMG, even with just one shot.

Well what if we fail to pick up weapons? It’s best to run away and find a safe place to look for weapons elsewhere.

Observe Your Surroundings!

free fire 3 guide

After successfully getting a weapon, then observe your surroundings and look for your enemy. Running around will be a very risky and dangerous thing to expose your location to enemies who are near you.

Move Silently!

fire fire 4 guide

For this Free Fire guide, if you are angry with your surroundings, then duck and move quietly. This will make you move without revealing your position to enemies around you.

By ducking it is possible to escape or move closer to the enemy to kill them.

Take the Bag!

Having a backpack can take more loot. You will need a bag to expand the storage of equipment such as ammunition, med kits, and attachments.

Look for bags in houses or in debt as quickly as possible before your enemies take them.

Safe zone

fire fire zone

If you’re inside the Safe Zone, that’s great. You don’t have to worry about running away to find a safe place. Now you just have to focus on surviving enemy attacks and looking for loot.

If you are far from the Safe Zone, you have 1:45 minutes before the zone begins to shrink. (and a few extra minutes before the zone reaches your location)

This allows you to find loot on buildings in your area before going to the nearest Safe Zone.

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If you find a vehicle, use it. Because vehicles are the best thing to escape if you forget the time of the Safe Zone and you will be stuck in the Danger Zone.

Basic Vehicle Controls

fire fire control

(i) Left Steering
(ii) Right Steering
(iiI) Back off
(iv) Acceleration

To advance, press (iv) Accelerate. If the vehicle is moving forward and you want to stop, you can tap (iii) Backward.

To rewind, tap (iii) Rewind. And to stop just press (iv) Accelerate again.

Trapped in the Danger Zone

fire fire danger zone

Even though the Danger Zone doesn’t do a lot of damage early in the game, it’s better not to stay in the Zone for too long.

On the minimap, there is a line in the shape of a circle that indicates the shortest distance or direction where the Safe Zone is located. If you are caught in the Danger Zone, the best thing to do is run and follow the line.

To run faster than usual, make sure you run without holding a weapon or with just melee you will also run faster.

What to do when you see an enemy?

shoot enemy fire fire

Indeed, shooting at the enemy is not always the best option. You need good calculation and judgment in these situations.

  • Is the enemy within the effective range of the weapon being used? Can you kill him if you shoot him?
  • Do you hide in good places like building walls, trees, etc.?
  • Will it be difficult for other enemies to find you if you manage to kill this enemy?

So before acting you should first think about the 3 points above. If your answer is correct and sure. Then you are free to shoot it! Aim for the head so that the enemy quickly dies.

What if the enemy is near you?

free fire guide (5)

If your enemy gets too close to you, it’s best to switch weapons to Shotguns or run at risk. Yes, running allows the player to expose his existence.

However, replacing weapons with Shotguns can provide an opportunity to kill enemies quickly.

We highly recommend using the M1014 gun, because it has 7 rounds in one magazine. So you don’t have to worry if your shot misses, because this weapon has more bullets than other shotguns.

What if the enemy is at medium range?

free fire guide (6)

If the enemy is far enough away but still in effective range, use the SMG or Assault Rifle scope to shoot them.

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We highly recommend SCAR or SMG Silenced weapons.

SCAR has a good fire rate and stability, very versatile for use in various situations.

While the VSS has a silencer installed and is very effective on enemies at medium range. Enemies will have a hard time finding you because the silencer doesn’t expose your whereabouts.

What if the enemy is at a great distance?

free fire guide (7)

If your enemy is far away and running, don’t shoot! This will be useless because it will only waste bullets and expose your location.

However, if your enemy doesn’t move at all and you have a clear view with the rifle, this is a consideration to shoot. Make sure you shoot the spot in the head and kill them.

The Kar98K weapon is capable of killing enemies with just one shot if your aim is right at it in some situations and is equipped with an 8x scope.

What to do when the enemy is shooting at me?

free fire guide (8)

If you’re out in the open, run to find a nearby shelter such as a building wall or tree.

In Free Fire itself, when a player is bombarded with bullets, an indicator will appear on the screen and show the direction from which the shot came.

Jumping while running from the direction of the shot coming from can make it difficult for the enemy to take the right aim.

Tip: You can run faster if you run without using a weapon or with just melee. Then don’t run up the hill when the enemy is aiming at you. It will slow down your running speed, and make you an easy target to kill.

If things turn around. For example, the enemy is reloading ammunition, you can fire back and stay alert not to be careless. This allows you to win the battle.


That’s the guide to playing Free Fire for beginners, please continue to know the Free Fire characters. Maybe this article doesn’t explain everything like the weapons, vehicles, and others that Free Fire has. Maybe in the next article we will review one by one.

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