The All New MP5 Spinning Bird Skin on FF!

New Spinning Bird Skin on Free Fire

Hello Viciers! News of the presence of the latest special MP5 Spinning Bird skin in games Free Fire This is the news that Free Fire players have been waiting for.

Actually, what the hell what makes skin is this so special and in demand by the players? Come on, let’s look at the following list!

Special Collaborated Skin

This special MP5 Spinning Bird skin is the result of a collaboration between Free Fire and Street Fighter. Skins The Spinning Bird MP5, which is planned to be available in July, is given the name Spinning Bird or Chun Li’s interpreter games original.

Fits with Bundle Chun Li

The result of this collaboration with Street Fighter brings the character Chunli. So it is very suitable for use with the Chunli Bundle and the Spinning Bird MP5 weapon to produce an exciting and powerful gameplay.

Limited Edition Skins

This Spinning Bird MP5 will come with an edition limited edition. Apart from skin This MP5 Spinning Bird is so special, the shape of skin this is also very cool and is a collaboration result. So don’t miss it, here!

Overall Shape and Statistics

Reportedly, Skins MP5 with the presence of the Spinning Bird MP5, there are quite a lot of changes. Judging from the statistics, there is an addition to Range and damage.

In addition, there are additional stat which makes it easier for us to compete.

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Method Get it Skin How, bro?

Skins This Spinning Bird MP5 is a must-have for Free Fire players. With presence skin With this, the strength of the match will become stronger and of course will increase our confidence when playing.

With all the advantages and benefits that will be obtained from having skin This, of course, will be an attraction for the players. How, here, are you guys ready to get skin the?

To get skin this, the way is easy and can certainly increase our confidence to get this special skin.

Good news for you players who have been waiting for a long time to get skin MP5 special, here! Bulleye Event will be coming soon for you Free Fire game players.

Bulleye Event presented for Free Fire players who want to get Skins Spinning Bird MP5, skin the latest special collaboration between Free Fire and Street Fighter. By following events In this case, you can get the skin easily.

However, how to get Skins MP5 Spinning Bird via events the? now, here is how we can do to get Skins Spinning Bird via Bulleye Event. Let’s check this out!

How to Follow Events Hosted By Free Fire

To get skin In this case, we can take part in the events held by Free Fire, by logging in games and go straight to the lobby games, then select game events free fire, then it will be accessed on Web Events MP5 Spinning Birds.

Shooting Target

In terms of shooting this target, we need diamonds first before getting the prize.

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Later, before events When started, randomization of the position of the prizes we will get will be carried out. Then when it’s done randomizing, using diamonds we can open them one by one, with starting price 9 Diamonds.

Get 9 Times Chance

When events has started, you will later get 9 times the trial chance or trial before getting the grand prize.

However, if we are lucky, we can immediately get one shot in one shot, but if not, it means we have to shoot up to the ninth shot to get the main prize.

So from every shot we take, we can get other attractive prizes such as the Hadouken Grenade, in addition to the MP5 Spinning Bird. The prizes that we get will be automatically entered into Vault/Collection our Free Fire account.

Bulleye Event this will start on July 6, 2021. Reportedly the free trial will end until July 18, 2021. So, don’t miss it, stay tuned latest info and get it soon Skins Spinning Bird MP5!

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