The 4 Best Free Fire (FF) Pets Suitable for Role Rushers

Free Fire (FF) is a battle royale game that has interesting gameplay, in this game there are at least four roles available in Squad or team mode. Rusher is one of the most popular roles, relying on playing agility, aggressiveness, and other things to step in the forefront leading other players.

To be a good rusher, of course, there are many things that need to be done. In addition to selecting characters with unique skills, deadly weapons, pets also have an important role to bring victory.

In this FF game, of course, there will be many pets that players can choose from, each pet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Maybe some gamers are wondering, what kind of pet is good for a role rusher? Well, in this article, we will recommend the best FF pet that is suitable for a rusher.

1. Rockie

rockie pet ff

Rockie has a reliable skill, that is Stay Chill. Rockie’s skill is able to reduce the cooldown time of the active skills you use by 15 percent at the maximum level.

Pet Rockie helps players to battle as a team rusher. By using this pet, you don’t have to worry about the cooldown problem of the active skills you carry. Because Rockie himself will help reduce the player’s active skills by 15%.

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2. Panda

panda pet ff

This pet has a skill called Panda’s Blessings, where the skill can help the player to recover 10 HP after killing the opponent at the maximum level.

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This skill is of course very suitable for a rusher who is fighting at the forefront. With the help of this Panda skill, players can be better prepared to go forward and enter the battlefield to fight several enemies in front.

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3. Mr. Waggor

mr waggor pet ff

This one pet probably won’t help in terms of stats, but Mr. Waggor can provide extra defense for your team. Where is this pet skill called Smooth Gloo will give a Gloo Wall once every 100 seconds if you don’t have 2 Gloo Walls yet.

Thanks to the skill of the pet, you don’t have to worry anymore if you don’t get Gloo Wall when looting. Mr. Waggor is ready to give Gloo Wall to players for free.

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4. Moony

moony pet ff

Although this pet has a rather scary appearance, Moony has skills that are very useful for players. With a skill called Paranormal Protection this is able to reduce 35% damage when you are doing countdown interactions, such as using the toolbox, using medkits, and others.

When the war goes on or is over. Pet Mony will protect players by reducing damage from enemy attacks when you use a medkit. Of course this is very helpful, especially for those of you who are rushers in the Squad.

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So, those are the 4 best Free Fire pets that are suitable for role rushers, which is your favorite pet? Keep up with to get the latest news about Free Fire. Also follow Hobigame’s social media accounts so you don’t miss updates.

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