The 4 Best FF Bundles You Can Get Through the Crate Shop

There are countless total bundles in the current Free Fire game. Because as we know that Garena as a developer regularly releases the latest FF bundles, of course with a unique theme. For example, like the Lucky Koi bundle which launched on May 8, 2021 yesterday.

There are so many bundles in FF, not a few players are confused about which bundle to have for their favorite best FF character. Yes, this is not common anymore and problems are often encountered when buying the wrong one or being tempted by another.

But don’t worry, in this article we will provide a list of recommendations for the best Free Fire bundles in 2021. What do you think? Let’s just take a look below.

Mr. Death

Photo: YouTube – Ten side gamer

The first is the Mr. bundle. Death who was present at the Summer Spin event in October 2021. This bundle has a cool look, where the eyes have a burning fire, making this bundle look scary.

If you use Mr. This Death would probably be the center of attention on the Starting Island. To get this bundle, you only need to prepare 40 diamonds for one crate.

Magical Fox

Magical Fox Bundle FF
Photo: Facebook – Karuna Gaming

The cute appearance with the rubar ears and tail of the Magical Fox bundle, makes everyone want to have it. Moreover, the appearance is dominated by a blue color that is not too sharp, so this bundle looks elegant and attractive.

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Magical Fox first appeared in the web event last October 2021, and now you can get it through a crate at the Free Fire shop which is priced at 40 diamonds for one chest.

If you are interested, it never hurts to buy now and good luck.

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess Bundle FF
Photo: YouTube – Gaming Harena

In order to enliven Valentine’s Day in 2021, Garena released a women’s bundle with an attractive appearance. So that it makes your character appear more elegant and charming in the eyes of FF players.

The Fairy Princess bundle is dominated by golden yellow and beautiful accessories attached to the head. So it can give a romantic impression.

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Well, for those of you who are interested in having it, you need to prepare 30 diamonds to buy 1 Fairy Princess crate bundle. Pretty cheap, right?

Bunny Warrior

Bunny Warrior Bundle FF

Finally, there is a bundle called Bunny Warrior. As the name suggests, this bundle has a cute bunny-like appearance. With the appearance of a blue rabbit’s head with an unfriendly face, it makes the enemy scared when you use this bundle.

Bunny Warrior was first released on Free Fire in April 2021 in a drawing event. Until now, the bundle is still in great demand.

For those of you who are interested, please prepare a diamond to buy it through a crate which is priced at 40 diamonds only.

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So, that’s a little preview of the 4 Free Fire bundles. Keep up with to get the latest news about Free Fire. Also follow Hobigame’s social media accounts so you don’t miss updates.

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