The 3 Most Annoying and Annoying Games for Android

Indeed, a mobile game is made with the aim of relieving stress and being able to have fun playing it. But what happens if there is a game that sucks and is difficult to finish, so that it makes us annoyed when playing it.

It turns out that this kind of annoying game really does exist and can be played on Android phones. The real question is “are you ready to play the game?Because this has the potential to slam the phone if you fail continuously.

In this article, we will share at least 3 games that are the most annoying and make you annoyed when playing them. Of course this game is full of unreasonable obstacle. So prepare yourself first before playing it, and stay patient.

3 Most Annoying Android Games

1. Getting Over It

Overview of Getting Over It Android Game (Annoying Game)

Tells the story of a man named Diogenes whose current condition was living in a large metal cauldron and could only walk with the hammer he was holding. The essence of the mission in this game is only one, namely climbing the mountain.

Mountain climbing in game Getting Over It not as easy as one might think. It takes skill in moving the hammer he is holding. Sometimes one small mistake can throw a character down and have to do it all over again.

2. Troll Face Quest

Overview of Troll Face Quest Android Game (Annoying Game)

Surely you already know the Troll character in the world of memes? Is a character that is somewhat annoying. And what’s worse, that annoying figure also has his own game, with the title Troll Face Quest which can be played for free.

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In this game, you will be asked to tap on the side of the image and then the scene will start running. It’s just that, this game is very difficult to predict, so you have to be smart in choosing the side of the picture so you don’t get laughed at by the Troll figure.

Because of its popularity, the Troll Face Quest game now has many series, and the best part is that it’s all free.

3. Super Cat World: Syobon Action

Overview of Super Cat World Android Game (Annoying Game)

For those of you who have played Super Mario games, you won’t be surprised anymore gameplay on game Super Cat World or commonly known as Cat Mario or Syobon Action. Although this game is almost the same as Super Mario, it is different in the obstacles.

The obstacles in this game are more annoying and can sometimes make you not understand how to solve them. Therefore, make peace before playing it. And maybe you will fail time and time again, but it’s worth knowing the way out.

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In addition to the three above, actually there are also games like that that have an element of making you angry, it’s just that the third list above is the one most sucks, judging by the reviews on the Play Store.

In the past, there was also a game that was more severe, which was named Flappy Bird, but the game has been removed since 2021 so it’s no longer on the Play Store. Flappy Bird is known as the most absurd game, because there is no way to get past the obstacles.

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While the three games above, even though they don’t make sense, but still have a way or technique to get past the obstacle. Even if you have trouble, please watch the game walkthroughit’s on Youtube to make it easier and so it doesn’t make you dizzy. And one more thing, stay patient.

Hopefully useful and happy playing

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