TangCity Fbryann King of Grenades Match 1 Day 5 FFML S4 Division 2

No kidding, Fbryannn can headshot using a grenade. Yes, thanks to him, TangCity Fbryann Raja Grenade Match 1 Day 5 FFML S4 Division 2 got a very solid Booyah. TangCity Esports looks even stronger.

Interestingly the game was finished thanks to a slick game Fbryannn who played very aggressively. Carrying more than 6 grenades, of course, he immediately took advantage of. West Bandits also need to be appreciated because they also played very sharp.

But unfortunately WB got a not so good position because they were pushed into the zone. This was immediately taken advantage of by TangCity players who did aggressive pushes and did pincher to the WB team.

Fbryann began to show his capacity to the FFML audience. Right now he looks very strong and maybe other teams should start to be wary. Fbryannn has a very sharp game sense and can read the opponent’s movements well.

At the moment every team especially in the top 4 looks very strong and tight on the second day. It will be difficult to predict even if the last game will run. The existence of drastic changes is not strange and the team has to be on fire.

As a community team, TangCity is also getting sharper. Lately, there are many community teams who are very strong and certainly dare to compete with professional teams who already have big names before in FFML.

With TangCity Fbryann King of Grenades Match 1 Day 5 FFML S4 Division 2, they got a sweet Booyah. The other teams must definitely take advantage of the last game to get positive points for the standings.

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