Surprise Ticket Royale Eid Al Adha Free Fire (FF)

Must participate in the Idul Adha Free Fire (FF) Ticket Royale Surprise, because players will get tickets for free.

Who doesn’t want to have a gift like that, it will definitely be a loss if you don’t participate in a mission event like this too.

Because what we know is that there are indeed many events that are present today and of course they are all very cool.

Especially with a variety of new events right now, every player has the right time to be able to play missions to complete as well.

It’s the same as playing on the current Free Fire Eid al-Adha event schedule, because the schedule has included the right date.

So don’t be surprised if it’s time for you to see, when will this event last?

As for the Surprise Ticket Royale Eid al-Adha Free Fire (FF), you really have to clearly know the date given.

Curious about this information? Let’s just take a look at the info below.

Surprise Ticket Royale Eid Al Adha Free Fire (FF)

With the presence of these new events, you really have to take part in the Surprise Event that gives the Ticket Royale as well.

Because for now we will know, that in this Surprise Event there will be a mission place that gives you quite a lot of Ticket Royale prizes.

But it seems that there are still errors in this event, so maybe what was originally a Diamond Royale Ticket turned out to be a Weapon Royale.

Let’s just wait on the date the event starts, so that this explanation will be correct and there will be no mistakes at all from Garena later.

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To take part in the latest event, you only need to follow some of the methods that are given now quite easily.

That way it doesn’t have to take a long time, because you can try it right away without taking too much time later.

  1. Enter the Free Fire game first, then later after being in the Lobby section, select the Calendar form on the right side of your screen.
  2. After that, it will be under the Free Fire event tab, here you just have to select the section called Eid al-Adha 20/7.
  3. Here, look for the Event title called Special Surprise Mission, where players will get the latest Mission from the event as well.
  4. Players only need to complete the Missions in the new Event, in a fast or easy way to do.
  5. Here there are many prizes if you successfully complete the mission, yes.
  6. Not only that, you will also only get time on July 17-20 to complete this Event.

After knowing how to find the mission, you also need to know some text missions that must be completed in this event.

Login at the beginning of the event starts 1 time: 7 Ticket Weapon / Diamond Royale, this is still a bit of an error.

Play 30 Minutes: 1 Ticket Pet Rumble.

Play 80 Minutes: 2 Ticket Incubator Royale.

Play 180 Minutes: 1 Custom Room Ticket and 3 Incubator Royale Tickets.

With the presence of a surprise event like this, it will definitely bring another exciting atmosphere from the Free Fire game in the future.

So what do you think? Are you ready to complete all the mission events that are present? Have all the prizes and don’t forget to Gacha.

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After knowing the Idul Adha Free Fire (FF) Royale Ticket Surprise, this will be a pretty cool Eid al-Adha event to complete.

Not only that, because there are still many other mission events that you must complete in July 2021 right now.

Later there will also be a Way to Get Free Magic Cube Free Fire again, so you can complete the mission and get the prize.

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