Strong & Tough! Build the Strongest, Best Global Top Franco Items in 2021

Are you looking for the newest and strongest global top Franco item build? Don’t worry, we will give you the information you need.

Franco is one of the tank heroes that is quite unique in Mobile Legends. The reason is, this tank hero has a hook weapon that is used to attract enemies in a considerable distance.

Of course it makes the opposing team annoyed when the hero is hooked by Franco and then ganked. In addition to his hammer and anchor weapons, Franco has the typical appearance of a large Viking.

Previously, Franco had experienced rework. In terms of appearance and skills nothing has changed, it’s just that Franco’s skill animation is refined.

Well, in this article we will give a little explanation about the advantages, disadvantages, skill set of Franco, don’t forget to also recommend the best items, as well as battle spells and emblems that are suitable for this one tank hero. For those of you who are curious, please read this article to the end.

Franco Mobile Legends Guide

Franco’s Advantages:

  • Able to survive on the lane for a long time thanks to his passive skill
  • Can pull the opponent’s hero or start a team fight early with the hook
  • Has great damage for a tank
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Franco’s Disadvantages:

  • It’s hard to escape from the gank
  • The mana cost is quite high
  • Quite difficult for beginners

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Franco’s Skill Set

Passive – Brutal Massacre

franco's passive skill

When outside of combat, Franco gains an additional 10% movement speed and recovers 1% of his HP every second.

Skill 1 – Iron Hook

skill 1 franco

Franco threw Iron Hook forward. This hook will catch the first enemy it hits, pulling them back to Franco and dealing 550(+100% Physical Attack) physical damage.

  • Damage: 550/600/650/700/750/800
  • Mana Cost: 150/155/160/165/170/175
  • Cooldown: 15/14.2/13.4/12.6/11.8/11 seconds

Skill 2 – Fury Shock

skill 2 franco

Franco attacks enemies to scare them, dealing 300(+3% Maximum HP) physical damage to nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed by 70% lasting for 1.5 seconds.

  • Mana Cost: 40/45/50/55/60/65
  • Cooldown: 300/330/360/390/420/450
  • Damage: 300/330/360/390/420/450
  • Movement Speed ​​Reduction: 70%
  • Duration: 1.5 seconds

Skill 3 – Brutal Massacre

skill 3 franco

Franco attacks enemies 6 times in a row, stopping their movement and dealing 60(+70% Physical Attack) physical damage per hit.

  • Mana Cost: 110/125/140
  • Cooldown: 38/32/26 seconds
  • Damage: 60/80/100 per hit
  • Number of Attacks: 6

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Build the Strongest MLBB Franco Item Full Defense Season 21 (Newest in 2021)

1. Warrior Boots

warrior boots


  • +22 Physical Defense
  • +40 Movement Speed

Unique Passive-Valor:
Physical Defense will increase by 5 each time receiving a Basic Attack, up to a maximum of 25. Lasts for 3 seconds.

2. Thunder Belt

thunder belt


  • +800 HP
  • +6 Mana Regen
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +40 Physical Defense

Unique Passive-Thunderbolt:
Within 3 seconds of using the skill, the next basic attack will deal additional True Damage equal to 2% of the user’s Max HP. Skills against enemy targets and surrounding units, and slows them for 1.5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

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3. Athena’s Shield

athens's shield


  • +900 HP
  • +62 Magical Defense
  • +4 HP Regen

Unique Passive-Shield:
Can be activated when taking Magic Damage. Reduces Magic Damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds (including Magic Damage that activates this effect). You can only reactivate this effect after leaving the battle for 10 seconds.

4. Guardian Helmet

guardian helmet


Unique Passive-Recovery:
Regenerates 1.5% of Hero’s Max HP. Eliminating enemy heroes will increase the speed of the regeneration effect by 0.4%, while Assist will increase it by 0.2% (including Kill and Assist before purchase), up to 3.5%. This effect will disappear 5 seconds after the Hero takes damage.

5. Immortality



  • +800 HP
  • +40 Physical Defense

Unique Passive-Immortal:
Resurrect 2 seconds after being eliminated and gain 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage. (Scales with Hero Level) Shield lasts for 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 180 seconds.

6. Oracle



  • +850 HP
  • +42 Magical Defense
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Bless:
Increases Shield Absorption and HP Regen by 30%.

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Franco Battle Spell

Speaking of Battle Spells, actually Franco himself can use various Spells that are suitable for him. Aegis has become a very useful Battle Spell for Tanks since patch 1.2.64, even this spell can also be used for other heroes on your team.

As an alternative, Flicker can also save your team from a critical situation, be it from ganking, or losing in a team fight. Can also be used offensively to chase opponents from behind walls.



Obtains a Shield that absorbs 750(+50*Hero Level) Damage for 3 seconds directly. The closest team hero with the lowest HP also gets 70% of the Shield effect.

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Move a certain distance in a specified direction. Then get 5(+1*Hero Level) Physical & Magic Defense for 1 second.

Franco Emble Set

Custom Tanks

custom tank emblem

At level 60, the Custom Tank Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses

  • Armor + 10.00
  • Magic Resistance + 10.00
  • HP + 345.00
  • Cooldown Reduction + 2.00%
  • HP Regen + 18.00

Custom Support

custom support emblem

At level 60, the Custom Support Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Hybrid Regen + 10.00
  • Hybrid Penetration + 12.00
  • Cooldown Reduction + 5.00%
  • Movement Speed ​​+ 4.00%
  • HP + 183.00


To play as a tank or not as easy as assassin and marksman. You have to protect the core heroes so they don’t die from the opponent’s attack

Franco can be the right choice of tank hero if your team needs a tough, sick, and tanky hero who can certainly control the field well.

Indeed, this hero is quite difficult to use for a beginner, keep practicing directing the hook to the target so you don’t always fail to attract enemies.

Hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for the strongest and sickest Franco build item. There are still many of the best Mobile Legends build items following the latest meta that we haven’t discussed. So, just wait for the next build update and don’t miss to download Franco Mobile Legends Full HD wallpapers.

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