Strengths and Disadvantages of Pet Moony Free Fire (FF)

Originally posted on April 3, 2021 @ 7:49 PM

Know the advantages and disadvantages of Pet Moony Free Fire (FF). This has become one of the newest Pets, so you can take care of it in the game later. Moreover, the skills given by him too, can help you to become even stronger.

You all will get a lot of the latest updates which are really pretty good. In fact, the total has also reached the April Free Fire Advanced Server, make sure all of this you can also take advantage of the update when it is officially available.

After all, while waiting for all this, it’s better to just try one of the Free Fire x Mr 1 Collaborations whose characters are now in the Advanced Server. Of course with the presence of this new news, it can make things even better.

Especially for now we can also know, if for example there is one of the advantages and disadvantages of Pet Moony Free Fire (FF). With you later knowing things like this using the Pet you won’t be in trouble.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pet Moony Free Fire (FF)

Many have been waiting for the arrival of a new Pet in the Free Fire game right now. Where did you know yesterday, the Latest Pet Etzin Free Fire, but now it has changed its name to Moony and the name is certainly not weird and funnier.

This pet is a little Alien who is a Gamer, we can’t even underestimate him about playing the Free Fire game. Moony also likes all about humans, even he is also very funny even though he’s not from here.

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Moony’s advantages

The latest pet that has appeared in Advanced and is heading for the 20 April Free Fire New Updates, is one of the most interesting pieces of information right now. In fact, we can also find out directly, if for example you can see the advantages of moony.

So this Pet will provide a protection or Defend Up, when you use an important item. Where when you use Item Healing, then Item Repair Kit and relate to our character Self.

Surely you will get a fairly high Defend, so you can become stronger later. Even the presence of the Pet, can change the flow of your game to be invincible too.

This defense will be experienced by teammates, so you don’t need to be afraid anymore when you use the Medic Kit or some of these important items.

Moony’s Weaknesses

Every time there is an advantage, there must also be a deficiency in this newest Pet. Moony is indeed very suitable to be used when facing enemies, but in our situation we are using Medic Kits or important items for characters.

Even though he can give high Defend, but this kind of thing can also reduce the user’s Blood as well. Of course, with a situation like this, it can show that Moony is the real Balance.

So there is a good side to holding damage, but the bad side is the defense can be leaked or penetrated. Of course, with information like this, of course you have to be able to make sure that you use Moony correctly and not carelessly.

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Also, if you want to use the Repait Kit or Medic Kit, you have to be able to play it safe too. Because the Defend given by Moony, can certainly be one of the dangers for all of you.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Pet Moony Free Fire (FF), you can practice using the Pet immediately. Just make sure you want this, so that in the future you can get an easy opportunity to use Moony.

After all, you can also try this Pet, with the New Xayne Character Free Fire. Given that Xayne likes Extreme Sports, it means that it is also suitable for Moony who wants to know everything about the activities carried out by humans in Free Fire.

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