Stocks Are Getting Rare, Here’s How to Pre-Order PS5 in Indonesia

Since the PS5 was officially launched globally in the last few months, the next-gen console was immediately sold out in the market, even the PS5 is currently experiencing scarcity, including in this country itself.

Not only VGA is scarce, we are also one of the countries for the scarcity of PS6. But it’s not because it’s sold out, but the stock of next-gen consoles provided by Sony is indeed limited.

If you are a PlayStation fan and want to get the latest generation of consoles, this might be a disappointment, because having your own PS5 is not as easy as buying a Switch or PS4 which is widely available in offline and online stores.

However, don’t worry. In this article, we will provide a solution on how to pre-order PS5 officially in Indonesia.

If you want to have a PS5 at a price suggested retail price (SRP) or can be called the normal price, which is around Rp. 8.8 million for the edition blu-ray and Rp. 7.3 million for the digital edition, the only way to get the PS5 at the normal price is the raffle system.

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Almost all stores that sell PlayStation 5 work with Sony using a gacha-like system, where when your draw is successful, you can pre-order.

Unfortunately, the lottery is very rare because it is held every few months. Yes, waiting is an annoying thing, but it’s all done usually waiting for stock from Sony itself.

Batch the first was held last November 2021, then batch the second will be held in January 2021. Until now there is no official information on when batch next will be held.

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playstation 5

That’s the first way to pre-order the PS5. Now let’s move on to the second method. Where in this step you will buy directly through the scalper in various buying and selling forums and online stores, but at a price that is higher than the normal price.

For the price itself, usually in the range of tens of millions. If you have more money and are desperate to own a PS5, then please buy it via scalper or middlemen.

For information, currently PS5 exclusive games are still relatively small, plus the initial production will usually leave defects. So you should be a little more patient to wait for a stable stock for the next one year, rather than buying it at the store scalper the.


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