Star Gazer and Crazy DJ Are Coming to FF Magic Cube Redemption!

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The Magic Cube in Free Fire is an item that is considered rare for Free Fire players. How not, apart from being rarely available in various events, Magic Cube is currently only available in Diamond Royale and Exclusive Chest Elite Pass.

Magic Cube itself is useful to be exchanged into bundles available in the Shop. In the Shop, Buddy Booyah can find various bundles that will be replaced at any time.

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Well, on July 19, 2021 tomorrow there will be 2 new bundles at the Magic Shop Free Fire (FF) exchange! Curious what bundle it is? Let’s take a look at the following article!

Star Gazer and Crazy DJ at Magic Cube FF . Redemption

The two bundles are the Star Gazer and Crazy DJ bundles! Yep, both of these bundles will be available and you can exchange it starting July 19, 2021 at the Magic Cube exchange.

Star Gazer itself is a bundle that was previously present in Diamond Royale Free Fire. The Star Gazer bundle has an elegant appearance with white color that dominates the bundle for this girl character.

Meanwhile, as the name implies, the Crazy DJ bundle is a pretty quirky bundle with a blue bundle that you can get Booyah. This bundle is no less interesting.

To exchange these two bundles, Buddy Booyah can visit Shop>Redeem>Magic Cube. You Requires 1 Magic Cube to exchange for 1 Bundle.

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You can get Magic Cube by playing Spin in Diamond Royale. In addition, you can also get the Magic Cube by exchanging 100 Cube Fragments at Shop>Redeem>Cube Fragment.

Do you like this Star Gazer and Crazy DJ bundle? Prepare your Magic Cube and exchange it for your favorite Bundle!

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