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You should know the Spin Dancer Wheels Free Fire (FF) event, maybe this will be an option that you should use later. Because at this time we also have some of the latest things, if the event gives a lot of pretty good prizes.

Maybe later you will also be interested in trying it, even experiencing a Bundle like this for you to use when competing. Because the power of the Bundle that we use in this Free Fire game, it will definitely have its own power which is quite strong.

Even for now we can know the Free Fire x McLaren Part 2 event which will be coming soon, just wait for its presence in the game. Because there will definitely be lots of cool prizes that you can get, when you follow and try the event directly.

That’s why now there is a Spin Dancer Wheels Free Fire (FF) event, maybe you will like it and want to try this event directly.

Spin Dancer Wheels Free Fire (FF) Event

So this is a special event entitled Spin Dancer Wheels, not special because there is a mission or because of something. But this is an event that is present, on a spin feature that you have to try and get every part of the prize.

Because of the prizes that we will get from this Free Fire game, maybe you will use the bundle to compete. Moreover, this is one of the bundles that is quite rare, if on the Indonesian server it is now included in the Magic Cube feature.

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But in a new event called Spin Dancer Wheels, you have to know first that this is an event that comes from Luck Royale. We can’t know when it will appear, but it may or may not appear on the current Indonesian server.

That means if you really want to take part in an event like this, of course it’s easy and you only need to follow a few steps later. Then all the missions or difficulties from this event, will definitely be completed by the player now.

Spin Dancer Wheels Free Fire (FF) Event

Maybe this is the method of the event if it is really released on the upcoming Indonesian server.

  1. You will have to login first into the Free Fire game then go to the Luck Royale section on the left.
  2. Then after you enter this menu section, choose a category from Faded Wheel or Dancer Wheels now.
  3. After you enter, just prepare Diamond to do what is called Spin.
  4. The price of each Spin will have a different total, so you have to spend quite a bit of money if it’s not hockey.
  5. Then after you manage to get all the prizes, then just enter the Vault and use it.
  6. This bundle will look more suitable if you use it directly, because Dancer Wheels gives a cool Bundle gift.

The prize that you get from this event is the Streets Bundle, if you are an Old player, you must know what the bundle came from. Now, for the leak, it is not possible to have such a presence on the Indonesian server.

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Because the bundle that you get is separate and forces Roll to the last part which of course is very expensive.

After knowing the Spin Dancer Wheels Free Fire (FF) event, now is the time to wait for other events. Because all this time there are also new events that are present in the Free Fire game, there are quite a lot and you should try it now.

Especially for Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, maybe in this event it won’t be very useful because each prize is separate too.

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