Special Statue FF Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration

Originally posted on January 10, 2021 @ 1:13 PM

There is a new look for the Special FF Statue of the Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration. Where this will be one of the items that we can pair, while in Spawn Island and waiting for a match.

This will be one item that we shouldn’t miss, because the Statue is pretty cool. Because from here there is one thing that is profitable, to be able to get when we use it.

Then there are many other new prizes and events, so that the players can try it now. Even from all of these things, we also still have many events that need to be completed first.

As in the Free Fire Music Festival Calendar, there are tons of prizes and easy missions to complete. So after you try to take part in this latest event, surely the prizes will come after you do that.

Moreover, from the Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration FF Special Statue, it can already be seen quite clearly and must be obtained. Take a look at the article below.

Special Statue FF Collaboration Free Fire x One Punch Man

In this information, it turns out that the Special Statue from Free Fire x One Punch Man is ready to be presented. Even from the looks of it, there’s really nothing bad enough. Anyway get this, you guys will be super cool!

The skin from this Statue can only be used in Spawn Island Free Fire. So if you have this, it’s better to just install it. From here we can get a variety of attractive prizes that are quite profitable.

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We’ve also discussed How to Get a Diamond Spawn Island, now this will appear if we install the Statue. If you later install the One Punch Man Statue, you can definitely get more diamonds.

No one knows yet how we can get something like this, only now we have to complete the other event missions first. Before the latest event with the Statue prize, it was also presented in the Free Fire game.

From the shape given to this statue, we can see quite clearly. If there is a Fist with Effect towering at the top. Then there was large writing, with the words One Punch Man in shiny Gold.

On the back of this statue, we can see a large Cloak and it is indeed quite large. It turns out that this Statue has a much better effect, compared to the Chrono Free Fire Statue.

So don’t be surprised if Kabargokil suggests that you guys can get the Statue. The statue that is present is quite interesting and also cool to use in Spawn Island right now.

But wait, the Free Fire x One Punch Man Challenge Event is not ready to come. There is a possibility that you can get this Statue item through the Mission that will be present in the latest Challenge on January 16, 2021.

That way, get ready to get this cool Statue prize and we can show off with other players in Spawn Island.

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With the presence of this One Punch Man Statue, the collaboration has finally become very official. Do not let you miss this latest information, because all of this is indeed quite useful for players.

Don’t forget to find out how to use the statue in Free Fire, this will help you so you don’t have difficulties when you want to install it in Spawn Island right now.

Follow the current news on Instagram, so you can’t miss the new and upcoming events in this Free Fire game. That way, you will always be up to date with this game until the future.

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