Some Tips Before Installing HD Games on Android

List of Best HD Games on Android

Playing games on mobile phones is very fun, moreover the game has high graphics and interesting storylines that can definitely make everyone addicted to want to keep playing until the battery runs out. But there are also people who are disappointed because of something with their cellphone, it could be that the game does not support or an unknown problem occurs such as low memory capacity.

Do users know that if you download an application or a game on the Play Store, if one day there is insufficient memory it will stop by itself, of course this is an annoying incident because the Play Store itself also does not have this feature. pause to date. For this reason, users should look around first before wanting to install games that have a high size so they don’t regret later.

It’s the same as downloading games that are on PC devices that are required to view minimum requirements before downloading it so that there is no element of misunderstanding that you can’t play the game later. On Android, you also have to look around, just not too much like a PC. There aren’t many things to note, the only thing is OS Android. But it’s not very useful if you download it on the Play Store, because everything fits.

What I will share in this article are simple tips that will help later so you don’t go wrong download games outside the Play Store. Because today many people download a game from Google intermediaries, most of which do not come from trusted sources or with the intention of being redirected to a different version MOD. Moreover, it is an HD game, of course to download it requires a high connection and for that, please refer to the tips below so that the game is not downloaded in vain but cannot be played or does not know how to play it.

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  1. Know the Minimum Android Version – Before downloading a game, it’s a good idea to first see what version of Android the game supports. There is also a site that does not provide clear information, so you should not ignore this. As on this website, the game or application section has been given clear information about the required Android version.
  2. Know the RAM Required – Whether or not you can play games smoothly on Android is helped by the large capacity of the existing RAM. Some HD games also support playing on 256Mb of RAM, but for games above 1Gb it must require at least 1Gb of RAM or more.
  3. Know Android GPU Type – Most HD games provide different types of cache or data based on the GPU of the phone. It could be for Mali, Tegra Adreno, SGX, and others. To find out what GPU is on the phone, please use an application called CPU-Z.
  4. Ensure Stable Connection -Whether you’re currently using packet data or WiFi, make sure it’s stable, because if the connection is disconnected it can fail to download the game or data from the game which causes it to be corrupted and will not be able to be downloaded.extract or installed.
  5. Ensure Adequate Capacity – Before downloading it, first see the free capacity on the memory. It would be better than having downloaded it but not playing due to insufficient capacity. Considering HD games on Android now have sizes above 1Gb.
  6. Download Games on Trusted Sites – The number of sites to download an HD game, you should use the safest one, here an example is apkpure or apkmirror. This is to prevent the occurrence of malware that enters the phone.
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One of the things that will happen if you download the wrong game that is used to download the game OS what was wrong, was none other than force close or it means the game stops automatically when opened. There are so many type of gaming phone available today at affordable prices but made in China, for example Xiaomi Mi3 or Lenovo Vibe Z K910. Instead of highlighting the brand, I myself was quite impressed by the specifications it provided. If you have any questions about the above, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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