Some Things That Make the Modem Hot Fast

Overcome the modem is not hot

Even though there are now many types of networks available, some people don’t care about it and the most important thing is how fast they can access the internet. There are so many modems that differ in quality and have their own advantages depending on the price, and basically a good modem has an average price of 200 and above, and users will get the best features in connecting to the internet with all kinds of networks supported by the modem. An example that is currently trending is the 4G network, even though it already exists among mobile phones, of course the modem has this feature far ahead of its popularity.

Modems are different, some can reach a good signal, and some do not depend on the quality of the modem. And a lot Modem types currently supported for additional antennas, in order to reach a better distance, for example in the forest, of course it will be difficult to find a signal, but by using an antenna, you can still get a signal even though it is not much but it can still be used. Modems are not only used to connect to the internet, but can also be used to make SMS and telephone calls. Indeed, most people only know the modem is only for connecting to the internet, even though it can do more than that.

Modems are known to heat up quickly, there are several factors that may be present on the modem. That is possible the modem does not support the auto cool featureIf you have this feature, the modem will not be too hot and will only warm when you hold it, but if it is too hot, there is a possibility that the modem does not support the automatic cooling feature. Not only that, it actually makes the modem heat up quickly, but the data processing that is too high also causes the modem temperature to get hotter. Of course, people who have a hot modem will not be happy because the modem is used to connect to the internet for a long time.

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There are several possible causes of hot modem temperatures and can also be tested on the modem. Knowing that the average modem currently has a feature to read MMC, One of the tests is, try to make the modem as a card reader only and does not insert the SIM card and plug in the PC. Wait for 10 minutes and if it’s not hot it means it has nothing to do with the SIM card, but if it’s hot it means it’s from the modem which doesn’t support automatic temperature reduction. Here I share some of the things that make the modem hot quickly, please refer to the following.

  1. Modem Not Equipped with Automatic Cooling Facility – This is what I prioritize because most modems don’t have this feature, so it’s best not to use the modem all day, worrying if the components inside burn due to too high heat temperatures. Moreover, the modem is equipped with metal material on the outside which is even more worrying.
  2. Little Signal – This is also reminiscent of old cell phones (CDMA) which will heat up if it gets signal 1 continuously. And it has been proven by many people that modems also have the same properties, regardless of the network, the modem will continue to try to expand and this makes the temperature high.
  3. Downloading Massive Content With High Speed – This is natural, because the modem will work to get the best for the user by providing the highest speed experience, for example LTE which can reach 20Mb/s. So if you check the hot modem while downloading large content, it’s only natural.
  4. Due to Laptop AC – Usually people often plug in the modem without a connection cable on the laptop, of course it should be prevented or if there are 2 USB ports, please plug it in an area that is not near the AC, because usually the USB port on the laptop is close to the AC which causes hot temperatures to channel the area and automatically over time the hot temperature will be carried over to the modem.
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That’s all that makes the modem hot quickly, and almost the same as flash, If there is metal on the outside, the heat will be much higher compared to plastic. But nowadays most modems have automatic cooling facilities, and it’s best to ask before buying, because even though the modem looks good from the outside, it’s not entirely good from the inside. I myself use a modem with a price of around 200 thousand and that is enough to make a connection, plus it supports LTE, so the speed is getting better but once the quota runs out.

The modem that I use has also experienced heat due to getting DC-WCDMA internet signal only 1bar. Then I tried to go out of the room and get a better signal, namely 4bar, and it was proven that if the modem got a full signal it would not heat up quickly, so I concluded that a modem that has a 1bar signal will keep pushing to get a better signal, and this is what makes the modem temperature hot quickly. Similarly, humans if they insist on something small will quickly get angry if they continue to not get it, and only a few people are patient with such tragedies. :mrgreen: If you have something to ask, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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