Some Escape Mechanisms in Free Fire (FF) That You Must Know!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

All possibilities can happen in a Battle Royale Game that is full of wars like the Free Fire Game. Success won fight determined by how ripe set up which is conducted.

However, there is a moment that makes the situation inversely proportional and forces Buddy Booyah’s team to be under enemy pressure. Teammates are kidnapped one by one and make things worse. The best thing to do is to leave the fight just to secure a placement point.

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Running away from the enemy is not an easy thing. The enemy does not want to lose a single point and will definitely chase the remaining opponents. In order to survive, you need the right Escape Mechanism.

In the following, Booyah News will present several Escape Mechanisms or the best way to escape to help Buddy Booyah escape from enemy pursuit. Check out the following review!

Jiggle Move

Jiggle Move or better known as shuffling is the shrewdness of players in moving agilely to outwit the enemy. The rubbing movement is usually done by utilizing obstacles, blind spot obstacles, or purely the player’s movement speed.

The shaking movement is mandatory for Buddy Booyah to do when being chased by the enemy. Never even run in a straight direction let alone in the open. Try to escape with a zigzag motion towards the nearest obstacle.

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Moving continuously to outwit the enemy, over time it makes the enemy tired and starts to lose focus. Take advantage of this to move further and hide.

Escape Using Vehicle

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Vehicles or vehicles in Free Fire are usually used as rotational aids and a medium for fast positioning. The function of the vehicle is not limited to that. Vehicle can also be an alternative to escape.

If you find a vehicle in the middle of your run, especially a sports car and a motorbike, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of it. At least the vehicle moves faster and widens the distance with the enemy.

The important thing in using the vehicle as an Escape Mechanism is to make random movements so that it is difficult to shoot. Get used to moving far to the safest place, then just keep walking to avoid other enemies who know Buddy Booyah’s position.

Blind Spot Obstacle And Grounding Fault

sourceSource: beritabooyahid

This Escape Mechanism requires the player’s foresight to get the best position protected by the compound and cover the enemy’s point of view.

There are some blind spots or certain positions that the enemy cannot see, but Buddy Booyah’s point of view can still see the enemy. Not only on obstacles, the contour of the Free Fire Map which consists of High and Low Ground creates faults that provide space to save themselves.

Well, those are some Escape Mechanisms or ways to escape from enemy pursuit. Among the 3 points above, which is the thing that Buddy Booyah does the most when being chased by the enemy?

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