Solution VLC Player Failed to Update on PC

Solution VLC Player Failed to Update on PC

Lots of users use VLC Player for the purpose of watching videos comfortably on the computer. And every few months there is always an update of the media player program that provides some new features as well as improvements.

VLC Player once experienced an internal problem where users would fail when updating programs directly within the application or program. Automatically a notification will appear that update process failed, and prompts the user to use another way to update it.

This has indeed been confirmed by VLC itself, that they once had problems with the update process within the application. So only on that version, users have to download the VLC program on the website to be able to update to the latest version.

Fix VLC Player Update Failed

If you experience this problem, it is highly recommended to follow the steps below to update VLC Player manually and of course it’s easy to do. Here are the steps:

  1. Please go to the VLC Download page.

  2. Then click on the button Download VLC.

    Click the VLC Download Button

  3. When the download is complete, please double click on the file to open it.

  4. A dialog will appear, please click Next.

    Updating VLC Manually

  5. Then in the options that appear, select Add/Remove/Reinstall Components, and continue clicking the button Next.

    Fix VLC Player Update Failed

  6. After that please click the button Next until finish.

If the updating process is complete, please try to check for updates again from the VLC Player application. If it says you are using the latest version, it means you have successfully updated it.

For the next update, of course, it can be done automatically through the application. Because as I said above, the problem with failing to update is only present in a version just. So after updating to a newer version, surely this problem will go away and in the future it can update automatically.

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Why Can’t Update Manually?

There are times when you experience another problem where when updating the VLC Player program manually but fails in the middle. This is usually caused by installation files must run as administrator.

So please right-click on the VLC Player file that was downloaded earlier, then select the option Run as Administrator. After that continue the update process. And of course now the process will be smooth.

The update process can basically be done without the need to uninstall the program. Because the installation file will directly overwrite the old file with the new one. And with respect to VLC Player it is usually installed on drive C, then the update must run as administrator for the file overwriting process to work without any interruptions.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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