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Currently there are a lot of WiFi connections found in various areas and most probably in the City Center. Because the times are getting modern, so everyone can get more of something special, it is possible to make the person addicted when trying it for the first time. Today’s internet for me is a place to share something, for example this article, and I also often use it as a transaction between fellow citizens in Indonesia. If in the past I used a modem whose quota was limited, but now I have switched to WiFi whose quota is not limited, only the speed is limited but in my opinion it is enough for home.

When it comes to WiFi, there must be a difference in speed on PCs and cellphones, there are also cellphones that are superior in capturing wifi signals, but most of them are superior on PC devices. So if you have a PC and want to share connection to other users it’s an easy way, because you no longer need to manually create wifi because there are already suitable applications for sharing internet connections with smart systems. Smart means, so you don’t have to worry about the connection being shared and used, this software can share in a fair way, and even so if one user uses a large amount of data, of course the other device’s speed will also decrease. the name of the software is Connectify Me

In this Connectify Me software, there are enough features for the free plan, but if you buy a premium one, you will be given many features such as a wifi repeater, share the connection from the modem, limit the local internet of certain users, and much more. But don’t think that the free features can’t be relied on, of course you can and as I said above, the connection sharing is also very fair in free or premium mode, this also depends on the speed on the PC. Basically this software got the highest rating in the connectivity category on the website CNET Software. Here are some screenshots from Connectify Me, please see below.

Connectify Me Connectify Me Connectify Me

Although this software is classified as mini, just compare it with others, this is definitely better, and of course there have been many positive reviews from many Connectify users, just try searching on google. Most of this kind of software has a difference from the connection sharing algorithm, sometimes other software gives it in the form of a percentage, but Connectify does not, because the distribution is very smart and of course thinks about PC users’ connections. What are you waiting for, download Connectify Me right now, by clicking on the banner below.

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source files: CNET

To use it is quite easy, please install the Connectify Me software first, then you will be asked to restart the PC, please restart and wait for the performance of this software until it is ready. If you are ready there will be an icon in the form of a wifi signal, please right click and click Show Profile. And a menu will appear to make wifi like a cellphone, please enter it correctly, then click Start Hotspot and wait until the process is complete. The completed process is marked with the Connectify Me icon on the taskbar turning blue, and if someone is connected it will turn green. If you have any questions, please comment.

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