Skin Pan Street Fighter Free Free Fire (FF)

The Pan Street Fighter Free Fire (FF) skin event is indeed interesting to follow, moreover, it can be used quite well in the future.

Especially if you are a true Free Fire (FF) fan, you certainly really want that skin, right?

Then we will share a few tips so that you can get this Pan Street Fighter Skin for free.

No need to linger, let’s see the following review to get the Pan Street Fighter Skin for free in the FF game!

Free Fighter Events

The latest event between Free Fire X Street Fighter is currently being discussed.

Moreover, this event presents various unique prizes with unique collaborations as well.

Later, you can find various kinds of knick-knacks from games with Street Fighter nuances.

In addition, at the Free Fire X Street Fighter event you can also find free skins that you can get for free.

The free skin is named Pan Street Fighter, for more details, let’s see the following review.

Skin Pan Street Fighter Free Free Fire (FF)

This event has started to open on July 5 to July 18 next.

You can check directly through the web event or the official announcement from Free Fire (FF) itself.

Besides that, you can also get this Pan Street Fighter (FF) free skin too, you know.

Now on the web event, there will be a game called Free Fire Boxing Machine.

This is used to complete the mission in order to get some golden tickets.

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The golden ticket is called the Golden Star Web Token, although it’s a bit difficult to get it, but if you read the instructions carefully, it’s definitely easy to get.

You can use this Golden Star Token later to play on the Boxing Machine.

To play the Boxing Machine you only need to hit the right target in order to get a number of Boxing Tokens.

But the Boxing Tokens that you will get will also vary in number, depending on the accuracy of the blows made.

That’s why you have to really hit the right Boxing Machine in order to get a large number of Boxing Tokens.

The Boxing Tokens that you collect can then be exchanged for various prizes.

If you want to exchange it, here are the prizes that can be obtained from the Boxing Token.

  • 5 Boxing Tokens : 3 times Gold Royale oucher
  • 15 Boxong Tokens : 1 time Diamond Royaler Voucher
  • 25 Bocing Token: Pan Street Fighter

What do you think, fans of the Free Fire (FF) game, it’s quite easy, isn’t it, to get this Pan Street Fighter skin.

Come on, don’t miss the easy event of this Free Fire (FF) game, friends!

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