Shell Launcher – Terminal Type Theme for Android

Everyone who has an Android phone will definitely improve the appearance of their cellphone and this is greatly helped by the existence of a launcher that is already on the Play Store and a variety of interesting and free themes. About a launcher, surely Android owners are looking for a launcher application that can make the phone look good and not burdened, there are even people who use a launcher that is very heavy for the type of phone that is still relatively low-end and it not only makes the phone slow, but also do things so much more difficult.

From Nova, The Special Forces, Google Now, Yandex, Hola, Holo, Next, has its own advantages and unfortunately some of them have almost the same menu, from the placement of the app drawer menu, and so on. But there is a launcher that is very different from the others and even its size is very small and even worse, it is liked by many people including teenagers. The launcher that I will share is similar Terminal or simply is a kind Command Prompt which is on the PC. So no menu will be found unless the user types something according to the command.

If the user has seen the movies hacker surely they did everything or executing a script from the terminal and there is no need to open a menu to go to the application or file you want, and I think users who are inspired by these hacker films might be very suitable to use this launcher to make it look cooler or really want to use it due to its very small size. This application is named “Shell Launcher“.

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Shell Launcher has been downloaded by more than 10 million people and will continue to grow, has a pretty good rating of 4.4 which I think is because this launcher is different from the others. Now users no longer need to go to the menu, because it is enough to just write what application to open and Shell Launcher will display the help results from the typed text. Apart from that there is no more settings menu as users can set everything from special TXT files for Shell Launcher. The following is an overview of the Shell Launcher application.

How? Very interested to try it? But don’t think that the terminal that appears can be used for everything, in fact not all commands on Android are supported on this launcher, just like doing ping, telnet, and others still do not exist. But even so this launcher is very good from the way it works and besides that it also has features double tap to sleep which will make it easier for users to lock the phone screen by tapping the screen for 2 times. To download please click on the banner below.


Shell Launcher requires Android version 2.2 above, has a size of less than 1Mb. The first time using this launcher, users will be given an example of implementing the existing code in the launcher and also setting everything up. We recommend that you keep displaying search help results or suggestions so that it helps when going to an application or activating something. And about activating, this launcher also provides features to enable/disable WiFi, Data, and Flash. Maybe in the future there will be many because the current Shell Launcher is still not much in demand.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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