Save the Date! Login and Get Wishes from Genshin Impact for Free

Excited, happy to hear the news regarding Wish from Genshin Impact which will be shared for free.

Previously, players had been granted Wish Intertwined Fate which was obtained from the login bonus. And this time Genshin Impact again provides an opportunity for those of you who don’t have it, where later there will be a free wish in the form of Intertwined Fate.

With the theme ‘Night Sky’s Grace’, this will be a reward for the login bonus at the next Latern Rite event.

Even though Genshin Impact only gives you five days, you can get three Intertwined Fate, 2 Fragile Resin, and other interesting prizes.

Then when will this Free Genshin Impact Wish be held?

Quoted from the IG account @world.of.teyvat, the bonus login will start from February 26 to March 2, 2021.

The event will last until version 1.3 ends. Additional info for version 1.3 which is planned to be completed after the secret banner is released.

Because for the next March 2, the Keqing banner that came out earlier will be finalized. Although it’s still a long time, but don’t miss it.

It’s a shame if you miss this event and it’s very rare for them to give a free wish login bonus.

Especially if you have plans for a secret gacha banner that is most likely Hu Tao. But until now there has been no certainty from the miHoYo directly.

We are just waiting for further news.

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