SAVAGE! Top Global Dyrroth (ML) Item Build Newest, Strongest and Painful

Are you looking for the most painful and deadly Dyrroth gear item? Don’t worry, this time we will provide some information regarding Dyrroth Mobile Legends (ML).

Moonton again presents a tough and sick hero. He is Dyrroth, an assassin-flavored fighter who has two specialists at once, namely Burst Damage and Reap.

Since its presence on the original server, Dyrroth has become the main choice for fighter users. He is considered overpowered from all sides, his skills also have a large damage output. This hero is very strong in the early to mid game, for the lategame maybe he will be defeated by other burst damage heroes such as assassins.

But maybe the build that we recommend will make Dyrroth an invincible fighter on the Lawn of Dawn. In this article, we will provide information about Dyrroth Mobile Legends, starting from the advantages and disadvantages, skill sets, emblems and spells, to build the deadly Dyrroth item. For those of you who are curious, please read this article to the end.

Dyrroth Mobile Legends Advantages and Disadvantages

Wallpaper Dyrroth MLBB Skin Orochi Chris KOF HD for PC Hobigame


  • Has a damage skill with a large burst damage
  • All heroes including tanks will be weak against Dyrroth 1 vs 1
  • Having a defense that is strong enough for a fighter
  • Lategame Dyrroth will dominate
  • Fighter that is agile and hard to catch


  • It’s hard to lock the target
  • Only stronger if 1 vs 1
  • If the ultimate fails to hit the target, the results will be in vain

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Dyrroth Skill Set

Passive – Wrath of the Abyss

dyrroth passive skill

When Dyrroth’s Rage reaches 50%, he will increase Burst Strike and Specter Step.

After every 2 Basic Attacks, Dyrroth will release Circle Strike, dealing (+140% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies in the circle area and regenerating HP according to the damage he deals (Circle Strike has no ATK effect). Every time he hits an opposing Hero, the Cooldown of Burst Strike and Specter Step will decrease by 1 second.

Skill 1 – Burst Strike

skill 1 dyrroth

Dyrroth releases Burst Strike in the designated direction, dealing 200(+60% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies it passes and slowing them by 25%. Lasts for 1.5 seconds (Damage will decrease against the same target).

Abyss Enhanced: Burst Strike has a longer range, dealing 140% of Original Damage and double the Slow effect.

  • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Basic Damage: 200/250/300/350/400/450

Skill 2 – Specter Step

skill 2 dyrroth

Dyrroth ran in the designated direction. He will stop when he hits the target dealing 230(+60% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies. When he uses this skill again, he will lock on the target and release Fatal Strike, dealing 345(+120% Extra Physical ATK) of Physical Damage and reducing the target’s Physical Defense by 50%. Lasts for 4 seconds.

Abyss Enhanced: Fatal Strike deals 150% of the original damage, slows the target by 90% and reduces the target’s physical defense by 75%. Lasts for 4 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 12.0/11,2/10,4/9,6/8.8/8.0 seconds
  • Base Damage: 230/255/280/305/330/355
  • Added Damage: 345/390/435/480/525/570

Skill 3 – Abysm Strike

skill 3 dyrroth

Dyrroth quickly charges and releases Fatal Strike, dealing Physical Damage equal to 650(+250% Extra Physical ATK) + 20% of the enemy’s HP lost to enemies he passes and slowing them by 55%. Lasts for 0.8 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 36/32/28
  • Base Damage: 650/950/1250

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The Sickest Dyrroth Mobile Legends Item Build (Update Season 20 in 2021)

build items dyrroth mobile legends (ML)

1. Warrior Boots

warrior boots

As a fighter, defense is needed. Given that Dyrroth is quite weak at the beginning of the game, the first gear that suits him is Warrior Boots.

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By purchasing this item, Dyrroth will get an additional attribute of +22 Physical Defense and +40 Movement Speed ​​and unique Physical Defense will increase by 5 every time he receives a Basic Attack, a maximum of up to 25. The effect lasts for 3 seconds.

2. Blade of Despair

Blade of despair


  • +160 Physical Attack
  • +5% Movement Speed

Unique Passive-Despair:
Attacking enemy units that have HP below 50% will increase the Hero’s Physical Attack by 25%. Lasts for 2 seconds. (Effect activated before damage is dealt)

3. Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom


  • +30 Physical Attack
  • +20% Attack Speed
  • +25% Crit. Chance

Unique Passive-Frenzy:
Critical Hit increases Hero’s Attack Speed ​​by 30% and Critical Chance by 5%. Lasts for 2 seconds.

4. Berserker’s Fury

berserker's fury


  • +60 Physical Attack
  • +25% Crit. Chance

This item is capable of dealing +40% Critical Damage.

Unique Passive-Doom: Critical Hit will increase the Hero’s Physical Attack by 5% for 2 seconds.

5. Queen’s Wings

queen wings


  • +15 Physical Attack
  • +1000 HP
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Demonize:
Reduces damage taken by 40% when HP is below 40% and increases Physical Lifesteal by 40%. Lasts for 5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

6. Brute Force Breastplate

brute force breastplate


  • +700 HP
  • +45 Physical Defense

Unique Passive-Brute Force:
Using Skill or Basic Attack will increase Movement Speed ​​by 3%, Physical & Magic Defense by 4. Lasts for 4 seconds. Stack up to 5 times,

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Dyrroth Battle Spell

Dyrroth is a fighter who will face the enemy hero at the front. Then the spell that is suitable for Dyrroth is Vengeance, where the battle spell is able to take damage from the opponent and regenerate HP equal to 50%.

Considering this Dyrroth has low mobility, the suitable spell for him is Flicker. Flicker can help players to escape from enemy attacks or chase opponents who are dying.

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In the next 3 seconds, each time the hero takes damage, deals 50 plus 25% of the damage taken as magic damage to enemies. Gain 35% Damage Reduction during this period.



Move a certain distance in a specified direction. Then get 5(+1*Hero Level) Physical & Magic Defense for 1 second.

Dyrroth Emblem Set

Custom Assassin

custom assassin emblems

At level 60, the Custom Assassin Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Physical Penetration: +13.50
  • Physical Attack: +15.00
  • Crit Chance: + 3.50%
  • Cooldown Reduction: +5.00%
  • Movement Speed: +2.00%

Custom Fighter

custom fighter emblem

At level 60, the Custom Fighter Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Physical Attack + 16.00
  • Armor + 8.00
  • Magic Resistance +8.00
  • Physical Penetration + 5.00
  • HP + 273.00


Although Dyrroth is very strong against various heroes including tanks. However, that doesn’t mean Dyrroth can’t die. Don’t be careless, let alone the desire to finish off an opponent who is dying and never before will the enemy teammates come to help him.

At the beginning of the game try to clear the lane quickly, then roam to the middle to help other friends. After that return to the original lane, to collect gold quickly kill some monsters in the forest then if there is a chance to farm in the enemy forest, kill the monsters as quickly as possible then return to the lane.

That way you will be faster to buy items so that Dyrroth can dominate in the late game. Hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for the strongest and sickest Khufra build item.

There are still many of the best Mobile Legends build items following the latest meta that we haven’t discussed. So, just wait for the next build update and don’t miss to download the Dyrroth Mobile Legends Full HD wallpaper.

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