SAVAGE! The Latest, Sick, Best Top Global Kadita (ML) Item Build 2021

Are you looking for the most painful and deadly Kadita gear item? Don’t worry, this time we will provide some information regarding Kadita Mobile Legends (ML).

Moonton presents a hero with a taste of the archipelago, namely Kadita. Yes, this hero has an extraordinary ability to defend and attack. The mobility and destructive power of her skill set make Kadita very lethal.

But behind the strength of the waves from the Queen of the South Coast, Kadita is quite difficult for new players to use. For example, players will be confused in using their skills. So you need to practice before using one of these sick hero mages in ranked mode.

Well, in this article we will provide information about Kadita Mobile Legends, starting from the advantages and disadvantages, skill sets, emblems and spells, to build deadly Kadita items. For those of you who are curious, please read this article to the end.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kadita Mobile Legends

Wallpaper Kadita MLBB Skin White Robin HD for PC Hobigame


  • Difficult to kill thanks to immunity and mobility from Skill 1 and regeneration from passive skills
  • Combo skill 1 and 2 are really powerful to start a teamfight
  • Very strong when teamfight, especially if there is a hero who can gather enemies in one place


  • Skill 1 is dangerous enough to attack if the situation is not favorable
  • Depends heavily on team coordination and crowd control to make effective use of their skills
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Kadita’s Skill Set

Passive – Thalassophobia

kadita's passive skill

Every 30 seconds, Kadita receives a Blessing from Might of the Ocean. Within 4 seconds of taking damage, he recovers the 65% of his lost HP in the duration of his skill.

Skill 1 – Ocean Oddity

skill 1 kadita

Kadita becomes a mermaid and summons the waves of the sea. Then he rides the wave, dealing 265(+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and slowing enemies by 30%. He gains an Immune effect against all Crowd Control skills and reduces 70% of the damage he takes when he’s in a wave.

Reuse: He immediately exits the wave, then the wave will move itself towards him at this time. This skill ignores barriers.

  • Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110/120/130
  • Basic Damage: 265/310/355/400/445/490

Skill 2 – Breath of the Ocean

skill 2 kadita

Kadita summoned ocean waves to mark the designated area. After some time, a wave will surge out of the ground to deal 350(+140% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and knock the enemy out for 1.5 seconds.

Kadita can cast skills during Ocean Oddity. With that, he released Breath of the Ocean where he was standing and the waves would accelerate.

  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Mana Cost: 90/100/110/120/130/140
  • Basic Damage: 350/380/410/440/470/500

Skill 3 – Rough Waves

skill 3 kadita

By commanding Might of the Ocean, Kadita summons a Tsunami to destroy nearby opponents. Each wave deals 300(+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and slows them down by 25%. The more waves that hit the opponent, the more damage they take. The tsunami then returns to itself and deals 200(+40% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in its path (Damage decays when hitting the same enemy Hero multiple times).

  • Cooldown: 40/36/32 seconds
  • Mana Cost: 200/240/280
  • Basic Damage: 300/330/360
  • Return Damage: 200/220/240
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Build Items Kadita Mobile Legends The Sickest (Update Season 20 Year 2021)

build item kadita mobile legends (ML)

1. Magic Shoes

magic shoes


  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +40 Movement Speed

2. Clock of Destiny

clock of destiny


  • +60 Magic Power
  • +615 HP
  • +600 Mana

Unique Passive-Time:
Adds 30 HP and 5 Magic Attack every 30 seconds. Maximum up to 10 times.

Unique Passive-Reincarnate:
If the Stack Time reaches the maximum, then the Hero will get 5% Magic Attack and an additional 300 Mana.

3. Lightning Truncheon

lightning trunk


  • +75 Magic Power
  • +300 Mana
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Resonate:
Every 6 seconds, the next Skill will bounce, dealing 20-1000 Magic Damage (scaled with the Hero’s Max Mana) to at most 3 enemies.

4. Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon


  • +60 Magic Power
  • +25 Physical Defense
  • +400 HP

Active Skill-Freeze:
Causes Freeze effect when used. Hero can’t do anything but will gain Immune effect against all Damage and Debuff. Lasts for 2 seconds, with Cooldown for 100 seconds.

5. Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive


  • +65 Magic Power
  • +40% Magical PEN

Unique Passive-Spellbreaker:
When HP is higher than 70%, unique effects will increase by 30%.

6. Immortality



  • +800 HP
  • +40 Physical Defense

Unique Passive-Immortal:
Resurrect 2 seconds after being eliminated and gain 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage. (Scales with Hero Level) Shield lasts for 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 180 seconds.

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Kadita Battle Spell

Flameshot is a battle spell that is suitable for Kadita, because this spell is capable of dealing damage from a distance, as well as knocking the enemy back.

Kadita is also very suitable for using Execute because it can provide additional damage to the opponent’s hero.



Fires a Flaming Shot in a designated direction, dealing 160(+45% Total Magic Power)-640(+190% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage (scales with distance).

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When using this skill, it causes a Knockback effect on nearby enemies. After hitting the target, slows the target by 30% for 0.5 seconds.



Deals 200(+20*Hero Level) plus 10% of enemy’s lost HP True Damage to targeted enemies. This damage ignores Shield. If the target is eliminated by this skill, its cooldown will be reduced by 40%.

Kadita Emblem Set

Custom Mage

custom mage emblem

At level 60, the Custom Mage Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Magic Penetration: +13.50
  • Magic Power: +17.00
  • Cooldown Reduction: +5.00%
  • Spell Vamp: +5.00%
  • Movement Speed: +2.00%

Common Magic

common magic emblem

At level 60, the Common Magic Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Magic Power: + 14.00
  • HP Regen: + 18.00
  • Cooldown Reduction: +2.00%
  • HP: +267.00
  • Mana: +180.00


If you already understand how to play and use it well, Kadita can become a deadly hero mage on par with the latest meta mages like Harith and Pharsa.

Although it is not easy to kill enemies like the two heroes. However, Kadita’s ability to disrupt the enemy when teamfight is very good, especially her durability is worth considering

Make sure to always practice timing combos of Kadita’s skills because she has to maximize the use of all her skills to shine in teamfights.

Hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for the strongest and sickest Kadita build item. There are still many of the best Mobile Legends build items following the latest meta that we haven’t discussed. So, just wait for the next build update and don’t miss to download Kadita Mobile Legends Full HD wallpapers.

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