SAVAGE! Build the Latest, Worst and Strongest Top Global Benedetta Items

Are you looking for the sickest and deadliest Benedetta build item? Don’t worry, this time we will provide some information regarding Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML).

Some time ago, Moonton officially released the hero assassins over power (OP) to the original server. This is certainly good news for assassins users.

Since the beginning of her presence, Benedetta has been excellent because her skills have high burst damage. So that the hero has a high probability of being able to bring the team to victory.

The most interesting thing about Benedetta is his passive skill, where the passive can be activated when you press the basic attack button until the sword is red and if released then he will blink in a predetermined direction while dealing damage to heroes, minions, or creeps.

Besides that, using this one hero is quite difficult. Because if you don’t understand how to play Benedetta properly and correctly, you will be confused and can even become a burden on the team.

Therefore, practice often in AI or custom mode before using it in Classic or Ranked mode. And you can also adjust in advance the right gear for this hero.

In this article we will provide information about Benedetta Mobile Legends, starting from the advantages and disadvantages, skill sets, emblems and spells, to the deadly Benedetta build items. For those of you who are curious, please read this article to the end.

Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML) Strengths and Weaknesses


  • The skills have high burst damage
  • Have a very good immune
  • Very agile and hard to catch
  • Almost all skills, including the passive have a good escape mechanism
  • If you use skill 2 with the right timing, then Benedetta becomes immune to crowd control effects
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  • Not a hero for beginners
  • Difficult to use
  • If you are not used to it, the skills are very difficult to direct at the target
  • Small area attack distance
  • Has no crowd control effect

Benedetta’s Skill Set

Passive – Elapsed Daytime

benedetta passive skill

While holding down the basic attack button, Benedetta enters Swordout mode and continues to collect Sword Intent. If Sword Intent is fully charged and releases the basic attack button, Benedetta will use Swordout Slash in the direction she is facing and dash forward, dealing (+200% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage (identified as Skill Damage and reduced to 50% on minions and creep) to an opponent in his path.

Only when Benedetta is in Swordout mode and her Sword Intent is fully charged by holding down the basic attack button, can she use Swordout Slash. Benedetta can also acquire Sword Intent when she deals damage through basic or and skills.

Skill 1 – Phantom Slash

skill 1 benedetta

Benedetta quickly retreated and left a shadow in front. After a short pause, the shadow slashes forward in a fan-shaped area, dealing 200 (+60% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slowing enemies by 60% for 0.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, Benedetta dashes forward to slash, dealing 50 (+70% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. (If the target is hit by the shadow, Benedetta’s damage will increase to 200%.)

  • Cooldown: 6.5/6.2/5.9/5.6/5.3/5 seconds
  • Mana Usage: 55/61/67/73/79/85
  • Shadow Damage: 200/240/280/320/360/400
  • Slash Damage: 50/70/90/110/130/150

Skill 2 – An Eye for An Eye

skill 2 benedetta

Benedetta raised her weapon to defend, became immune to crowd control effects and blocked any damage for 0.8 seconds. After this, he attacks in the designated direction, dealing 300 (+80% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage.

If Benedetta manages to withstand damage while defending, she will receive full Sword Intent. If he manages to withstand any crowd control effects, his next attack will stun the target for 1.5 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11/10 seconds
  • Mana Usage: 100/105/110/110/115/120/125
  • Base Damage: 300/330/360/390/420/450
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Skill 3 – Alecto: Final Blow

skill 3 benedetta

Benedetta grasps Alecto and slashes forward after a short delay (invisible when Dashing), slowing all targets in its path by 70% for 1 second.

After dashing, Benedetta detonates Sword Intent on the path, Strangles enemies with Sword Intent for 2.5 seconds, dealing 80 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slowing enemies by 20% every 0.2 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 34/31/28 seconds
  • Mana Usage: 110/135/160
  • Base Damage: 80/100/120

Build Items Benedetta Mobile Legends The Strongest and Sickest Offlaner (Update Season 20 in 2021)

build item benedetta hurts

1. Warrior Boots

warrior boots


  • +22 Physical Defense
  • +40 Movement Speed

Unique Passive-Valor:
Physical Defense will increase by 5 each time receiving a Basic Attack, up to a maximum of 25. Lasts for 3 seconds.

2. Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax


  • +70 Physical Attack
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +20% Spell Vamp

3. Brute Force Breastplate

brute force breastplate


  • +700 HP
  • +45 Physical Defense

Unique Passive-Brute Force:
Using Skill or Basic Attack will increase Movement Speed ​​by 3%, Physical & Magic Defense by 4. Lasts for 4 seconds. Stack up to 5 times.

4. Hunter Strike


  • +80 Physical Attack
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction

Gear Hunter Strike can give Physical PEN of 15 points.

Unique Passive-Retribution:
Deals damage to enemy heroes or creeps 5 times in a row and increases Movement Speed ​​by 30% for 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

5. Queen’s Wings

queen wings


  • +15 Physical Attack
  • +1000 HP
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Demonize:
Reduces damage taken by 40% when HP is below 40% and increases Physical Lifesteal by 40%. Lasts for 5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

6. Malefic Roar

malefic roar


Can increase Physical PEN by 40%.

Unique Passive-Armor Buster:
Basic Attack will ignore 20% of Turret Defense.

Benedetta Battle Spell

As assassin Benedetta needs a higher level than the opponent’s hero, therefore we recommend choosing Battle Spell Retribution to speed up the farming and leveling process.

He is also very suitable for using Execute because it can give additional damage to the opponent’s hero.

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Deals 520(+80*Hero Level) True Damage to nearby Creeps or Minions.

Passive: Jungle Equipment Items available. With jungle items, damage received from Creeps is permanently reduced by 50%.



Deals 200(+20*Hero Level) plus 10% of enemy’s lost HP True Damage to targeted enemies. This damage ignores Shield. If the target is eliminated by this skill, its cooldown will be reduced by 40%.

Benedetta Emblem Set

Custom Assassin

custom assassin emblems

At level 60, the Custom Assassin Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Physical Penetration: +13.50
  • Physical Attack: +15.00
  • Crit Chance: + 3.50%
  • Cooldown Reduction: +5.00%
  • Movement Speed: +2.00%

Custom Fighter

custom fighter emblem

At level 60, the Custom Fighter Emblem Set will provide the following bonuses:

  • Physical Attack + 16.00
  • Armor + 8.00
  • Magic Resistance +8.00
  • Physical Penetration + 5.00
  • HP + 273.00


Please note, Benedetta is not a hero for beginners. He is quite difficult to use, especially in his skills. If you misdirect the skill, then it will be in vain.

Therefore, before using this one hero, you should practice in AI or custom mode until you are proficient. Because this hero has a great possibility to carry the team to victory.

Benedetta’s biggest lifesteal lies in skill 1 thanks to the Bloodlust gear effect. So that he becomes strong if the battle 1 vs 1.

But you have to remember, during teamfights, avoid heroes who have crowd control skills because they are very vulnerable to CC effects.

Watch out for Chou, Franco, Minsitthar, Zilong, Selena, Eudora, Kaja, and Khufra. Because they were all Benedetta’s counters.

Hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for the strongest and sickest Benedetta build item. There are still many latest Mobile Legends meta build items that we haven’t discussed. So, just wait for the next build update and don’t miss to download the Benedetta Mobile Legends Full HD wallpaper.

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