Rumors Answered, GPX Collaborates with Siren Esports in FFML Season IV!

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It’s just a matter of time, the Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 4 will start soon. Being the highest league in Free Fire in the country, the best teams throughout Indonesia will later play.

Even so, it seems that the FFML Season IV performances will be more interesting both in Division 1 and Division 2. Some of them are the presence of several new teams such as NESC Esports, as well as the acquisition by RANS Esports.

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However, despite all that, it turns out that there is one more surprise present, namely GPX or the Ax Gang who will enter the Free Fire division by working with the Siren Esports team!

Actually, this is not something new considering that previously there were rumors that GPX would also cooperate with the Free Fire Siren Esports team to take part in competitive Free Fire.

Reported from social media FF Esports I Under the name SIREN GPX, they will later compete in the FFML Season IV Division 1 tournament arena.

Monochrome Esports will be the debut team in FFML Season IV Division 2. Even so, it seems that they have partnered with one of the top teams in Indonesia to prove that they are worthy to enter the FFML Division 1 event next season.

What do you think about Booyah’s own SIREN GPX and also this Monochrome MORPH? Does it make the FFML Season IV Division 1 and 2 more exciting?

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