Rumor: PUBG 2 Will Release for PC and Console in 2022

PUBG Mobile: New State has recently become a hot topic among gamers because the battle royale game, which is now pre-registered, will have visual aspects that are pleasing to the eye and semi-futuristic weapons.

However, it is unfortunate that the latest PUBGM game was only released for the mobile platform. Despite the fact that this is the case, many players suspect that they will do the same with the console and PC versions in the future.

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Besides that, there is no official information that this game will also be released for PC and console platforms.

As we know that PUBG now lacks innovation, they only stick to cosmetic content and new maps, and the New State update will likely signal where the game developers are taking Brendan Greene’s title.

Well, this time there is an interesting rumor, namely PUBG 2 is not a New State!

Based on information obtained from a dataminer on Twitter with the @PlayerIGN account (no relation to the IGN website) who revealed that New State is not PUBG 2. But PUBG 2 for consoles and PCs which is planned to be released in 2022.

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New State will remain anchored on mobile and has nothing to do with the current PUBG series. Even so, we reiterate not to believe PlayerIGN’s statement, but consider it a rumor before PUBG Corp makes an official announcement.

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