RRQ is Dominant in the Third Game of FFML Season IV Division 1 – Match Day 5

The RRQ game was not a joke because in the third game they all went crazy. By harvesting lots of kills, RRQ also didn’t forget to get Booyah to increase their points even further in the standings.

RRQ, who played very well, of course, could be very dangerous for several other teams. Not to mention in the first and second games, RRQ has played aggressively and won several kill points. The third game got Booyah adding to the coffers as well.

Of course, other teams must also be vigilant because RRQ often gives surprises in FFML. With their very aggressive playing style, of course, this can make it difficult for many teams, especially RRQ’s very strong individual skills.

But for other teams, of course, there are still many opportunities to get points. The game has a long way to go and there are still lots of points to be earned. Currently RRQ also cannot relax because they have to be careful not to be overtaken.

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