RRQ Hoshi Announces MPL ID Season 8 Roster, How Unique!

RRQ Hoshi Announces MPL ID Season 8 Roster, How Unique!

Each team seems to be ready with a roster for their MPL ID Season 8. One team has even announced their roster.

Yes, that team is RRQ Hoshi. The team that has won MPL Indonesia three times yesterday (5 July 2021) announced their team roster for MPL ID Season 8.

However, their announcements are unique because they are not all at once but one by one.

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This was revealed by the RRQ team through their Instagram and YouTube pages. Such as the following.

It can be seen in the video that Alberttt was the first to be announced as RRQ Hoshi’s roster in MPL ID Season 8.

This is certainly not too surprising because since his first season Alberttt has been a core player for the RRQ Hoshi team. Alberttt himself has been announced to be playing in the jungler position.

Of course it’s also not new because some reports say that Alberttt in RRQ scrim is irreplaceable for the position. And it must be admitted that Alberttt is a great jungler for RRQ today.

This is evidenced by Alberttt’s success as a regular season MVP for MPL ID Season 7. And previously he also won the Final MVP in MPL ID Season 6. With a brilliant action that brought RRQ to a dramatic win over Alter Ego.

It will be interesting to wait for the next roster to be announced. Because there are many names that are thought to be on the roster, such as Vyn, Xin, Lemon, Psychoo, R7, Skylar, Liam and Clay.

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We’ll just have to wait for the next announcement, which may be present not far away because the MPL ID Season 8 lock roster is really close (the info is mid-July 2021).

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