RRQ CEO, Mr. AP Speaks About RRQ Athena’s Disbandment

Recently, gamers, especially for fans, were shocked by the news regarding the disbandment of RRQ Athena. Because this Esports team will no longer be in the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile Thailand.

Mr. AP, as the CEO of RRQ, also spoke about the disbandment of the RRQ Athena team, a team that has been a rival to the Indonesian team for a long time.

It is known that the team had disbanded a few weeks ago but there is still a mystery, as to why the Athena team was disbanded and where the former players will land.

As we know that RRQ Athena is one of the strongest teams in PUBG Mobile in Southeast Asia because it has a good performance when competing.

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This is the reason for the disbandment of RRQ Athena

rrq athens
Photo: esportsku.com

The CEO of RRQ, Mr. AP spoke about the decision, via the casual podcast Kotak Game a few days ago.

He revealed, although a decision that is quite heavy. However, the disbandment of RRQ Athena had been through negotiations, and both parties finally agreed to separate and disband the team.

Mr. AP then explained that there were several factors that caused RRQ Athe to officially disband. Quoted from Revival TV, the first factor is that the team’s performance in the last few tournaments has received a big evaluation.

And another factor is, the disbandment is done to find a new atmosphere. Even though RRQ Athena is no longer in the realm of PUBG Mobile Esports, they will always be remembered by their fans.

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I think the agreement of both parties. Continue for me maybe want to change a new atmosphere. We miss so much. It’s just that I couldn’t say a lot of things that weren’t good about them“, Mr. AP.

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