Rows of Golden Attachments in the Free Fire (FF) Game!

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Functioning to increase the power of weapons, the presence of Attachments in the Free Fire Game should not be ignored. Although it has presented several ordinary attachments with level levels, Free Fire also presents a series of Golden Attachments.

Golden Attachment is an attachment that has a different function from ordinary attachments, even though each type is installed in the same slot for a weapon. The Golden Attachment has advantages that ordinary attachments don’t have.

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Here, Booyah News has a list of the Golden Attachments in Free Fire. Buddy Booyah can see each item and the full explanation in the following review.

Thermal Scope

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As the name suggests, The Thermal Scope takes advantage of the heat signature of a living object that makes the enemy’s presence clearly visible. There is no further explanation regarding the range of the Thermal Scope. However, speculation is circulating that the Thermal Scope’s range is below the 4X Scope, but further than the 2X Scope’s reach.


This attachment is a favorite of many Free Fire players. Silencer or silencer is able to silence the sound of gunfire from the weapon used. Despite sharing a place with Muzzle, Silencer is not able to increase the distance and stability of gun fire like Muzzle.

Double Magazine

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For ammo slots, Free Fire presents Golden Attachment Double Magazine. This attachment does not combine the capacity of two magazines into one. The bullet capacity of Double Magazine is only equivalent to Magazine Level 2, that is

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Double Magazine’s ability lies in its increased weapon reloading speed. However, the increase in reload speed only occurs when the bullets in the magazine are completely depleted. If the user reloads while the bullet is still remaining, then no increase in reload speed is given.

SMG Muzzle

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Being one of the new attachments present in the August Patch Update, SMG Muzzle has a significant impact on SMG. Because, SMG Muzzle is able to increase Armor Penetration.

Given the nature of SMG as a melee weapon, the addition of the Armor Penetration attribute with the use of SMG Muzzle certainly provides additional effective power, although not all SMG weapons can be fitted with this attachment.

AR Magazine

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The next Golden Attachment is here AR Magazine. This attachment able to increase the Fire Rate of AR weapons. However, its use has consequences in the form of a reduction in the capacity of the Magazine. Even so, the exchange of ammo capacity with increased fire rate is still sufficient worth it.

Shotgun Muzzle

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After a long time, finally the Shotgun can be installed with the Muzzle attachment again. However, the Shotgun Muzzle attachment comes with a different look and function. Shotgun Muzzle is able to increase the number of bullets fired in a short time.

Unlike the usual Muzzle, Shotgun Muzzle can’t increase the range of shots from the Shotgun. M1887 Being the only shotgun that does not support the installation of the Muzzle Shotgun.

From the row of Golden Attachments above, which attachment has the biggest impact and is Buddy Booyah’s favorite?

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