Resolving Adobe Media Encoder Errors in After Effects

Adobe Media Encoder is a program for rendering video to several types of formats. The program is widely used to render in Premiere Pro or After Effects. For video editors, Media Encoder is absolutely indispensable.

Why is it so necessary? Because this program has a super complete functional in rendering video. In addition, one of the features that many people like is that it supports format H264 on videos.

But what if you can’t use Adobe Media Encoder for After Effects projects? So a notification appearsAdobe Media Encoder not installed“. No need to worry, because this article will share a solution for that as well as for other errors that sometimes occur.

Resolving Adobe Media Encoder Errors in After Effects

Media Encoder Not Installed Solution in After Effects

The notification concludes that the Media Encoder program is not currently installed. And some people think that the program is already built-in from After Effects, which it is not.

So the solution is to install the Media Encoder program first. Because it is a separate program and you can download it on the website Adobe.

Unfortunately the program is not free, but you are given trial period for a few days to do testing. And if you are interested in continuing to use it, feel free to buy it.

Already Installed Media Encoder But Notification Still Appears

System failures sometimes happen suddenly. And if you think you have installed the Media Encoder and the notification keeps appearing. That means an After Effects program that doesn’t detect any Media Encoder installed.

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The solution, please reinstall Media Encoder and make sure you put it on the drive C. After successful reinstallation, restart the device and then try to render the project with Media Encoder.

Project Never Appears on Media Encoder List

Be patient, this process usually takes a little while for the project to appear on the list queue. Maximum is 3 minutes, if more than that still does not appear, it means that there is an internal error in the Media Encoder program.

To speed up the time, you can also open the Media Encoder program manually before adding projects to the list queue. And in addition to devices that are still using HDD, maybe it’s good to upgrade to SSD to maximize its performance.

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Almost the same as above, namely a system failure. For this problem, you do not need to reinstall the Media Encoder program. But only need to cancel the rendering process, and stop all running Adobe programs. And don’t forget to save the project first.

You can stop Adobe programs running through Task Manager. However, there is a more practical way, which is to simply restart the computer and then try to re-render.

Connecting process dynamic link server should be fast as long as the video project to be rendered is already on the list queue.

Those are some solutions to some errors that sometimes appear in Adobe Media Encoder. Indeed, most of these errors don’t happen often, but at least now you know how to deal with them if one day the problem occurs.

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Hopefully useful and good luck

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