Resident Evil Village: Where To Find 4 Angel Masks

May has become a haven for gamers with the anchoring of several new game titles and games that continue their sequels. One of them is Resident Evil Village which was released on May 7 yesterday. With the launch of Resident Evil Village in the midst of fanfare, players are expecting something even more amazing from Capcom’s content

And. Sure enough!

This Resident Evil series has spawned many scary bio-weapons, ranging from zombies, tyrants, hunters, to cerberus.

Apart from that, various collectibles and secondary objectives, the Resident Evil Village mask seems to be something that gamers haven’t seen since it was first launched. Maybe you are one of the players who don’t know where to get the angel mask. If the answer is YES, then this article is very appropriate to read.

In this discussion, we will focus on dismantling a number of locations and how to get an angel mask. Because, the four masks will be needed to solve the riddle of the Hall of Four. If you’re curious, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to read this article to the end.

Resident Evil Village Hall of Four Statue Puzzle

Resident Evil Village Castle
Photo: IGN

Maybe you’ve found the statues in the Hall of Four. Well, every statue you find in that location provides a clue about where the mask can be found, and which mask should be inserted into the statue.

In addition, you can also check the back of the mask to see the number of pegs that match the statue’s face to solve the Angel Statue Puzzle challenge. If you understand, let’s discuss how to get the four angel masks below.

How to Get the Mask of Sorrow

Resident Evil Village Mask of Sorrow
Photo: Capcom

To get the Mask of Sorrow, your first step must be to visit Lady Dimitrescu’s Chambers on the second floor first. Then you will start a conversation with him until the conversation sounds less friendly.

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After that, he’ll cast dungeons until you get to the Hall of Sorrow. Watch out for Lady Dimitrescu’s, because she will keep on targeting you until you get the Mask of Sorrow, the Mask of Sorrow.

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If it works, use the Lady Dimitrescu Key to open the door. There you will find a statue with a mask located in front. Next, the platforms and statues will move up to take you to a Page.

How to get the Mask of Joy

Resident Evil Village Mask of Joy
Photo: Capcom

To find the Mask of Joy or Mask of Joy, you must first gain access to the Library by using the Iron Insignia Key.

You can get it by playing the piano which is located in the Opera Hall (on the North Courtyard). Solving this piano puzzle is quite simple, where you just have to adjust the new notes to match what’s on the paper.

Then you can immediately run to the second floor of the Opera Hall and use the Iron Emblem Key on the Library door.

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Don’t be surprised if you see one of Dimitrescu’s daughters waiting in the Library, because she was assigned to hunt you down. Face him and kill him before you get killed by him.

A few tips from us, open the roof of the window so that cold air enters the room, because the cold is a weakness of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter herself. Only then can you finish him off.

After defeating them, head to the Hall of Joy to find the statue with the Mask of Joy on your right.

How to Get the Mask of Rage

Resident Evil Village Mask of Rage
Photo: Capcom

The rest of the Resident Evil Village storyline will take you to Atelier, where you have to solve the Five Bells Puzzle, and head to the castle roof.

This can be done by solving the bell puzzle in the portrait room. After successfully solving the puzzles and climbing the stairs, you will walk over the castle ramparts. Prepare weapons such as pistols when the sky begins to fill with winged beasts.

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Once you see the winged monster, just follow the path until you arrive at the Belfry tower. Belfry has a zip cable that you can use to get to the Tower of Rage, which is at the opposite end of the roof. Interact with the zip wire to gain access to the statue and mask of Rage.

After getting the mask, use the nearest ladder and then go to the elevator to go down to the first floor again.

How to Get the Mask of Pleasure

Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure
Photo: Capcom

To get the Mask of Pleasure, you just need to go to the Hall of Pleasure. Go to the second floor of the First Hall, and keep running to the right until you find a door.

At the end of the hallway behind him, you’ll see a door that connects to the Hall of Pleasure. After that please go to the Wine Room and open the door using Dimitrescu’s Key.

Take the Mask of Pleasure from the statue in front of you. After successfully getting the mask, then go to the small room on the right. Here you will find animal skulls hanging on the wall.

Take the skull and examine it, you will see that it has the same back markings as the Mask of Pleasure.

After inspection, then remove it from the base and place the skull on the statue and door. Then the Wine Room will open by itself.

How to Solve the Hall of Four Statue Puzzle?

Hall of Four Resident Evil Village
Photo: IGN

Once you have the four angel masks, it’s time to return to the Hall of Four to attach the masks to the statue.

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First go down to the first floor and walk west through the First of Hall. Once there, you will see four statues lined up and each statue has a different number of pegs.

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Well, your task here is to match each mask to the statue according to the number of pegs it has, please adjust it as below:

  • Mask of Joy: 1 stake
  • Mask of Sorrow: 2 stakes
  • Mask of Rage: 3 stakes
  • Mask of Pleasure: 4 stakes

Additional information: At this stage you are actually considered successful, but keep an eye on Lady Dimitrescu, because she is still hunting while you try to put the mask on. If all the masks are successfully installed, then the front door will open by itself and you can escape from Dimitrescu Castle.

So that’s how to get 4 max angels at Dimitrescu Castle. The challenges and obstacles that you have faced are certainly very thrilling thanks to the thick survival horror presentation, eye-catching visuals, fantastic audio, and several other details.

For those of you who haven’t tasted this game, you might be a little curious about the sensation and what kind of horror atmosphere you get from the Village. Stay calm and don’t be discouraged, you can still enjoy other series like Resident Evil 4, you know.

Where RE 4 itself has gameplay that is almost similar to Village, or if you want to play classic games like Minecraft it’s also not a bad thing.

The reason? The game has the largest community in various parts of the world, so Minecraft will never disappear in the hearts of gamers and you know how fun it is to download Minecraft for your PC game collection, the size is not too big nor too heavy but has very good gameplay, and of course still worth playing this year.

Resident Evil Village was released on May 7, 2021 and you can play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and next-gen consoles, namely Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Follow to get the latest news about games. Also follow Hobigame’s social media accounts so you don’t miss the latest info.

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