Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Bell Puzzle at Castle Dimitrescu

Atelier is a special room in Resident Evil Village on the top floor of Castle Dimitrescu. There you will get free treasure, a third angel mask, and new weapons, as well as new areas to explore. The room contains a small puzzle that will unlock the last two.

When entering the Atelier there will be a painting on the easel with notes attached. The note will say “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.” which means let the five bells of this room ring.

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There are five bells in this room. You have to shoot each one of them, in no particular order to unlock the entrance to the attic in the castle. This is where to find them.

The Location of the Atelier Puzzle and the Third Angel’s Mask

Tips: To find this room, you must first unlock the Courtyard door.

When you arrive at the Courtyard for the first time, you will see another door that you can enter for now. Through this door you can find Lady Dimitrescu.

After doing this, you will see yourself in his room and will find the “Dimitrescu Key”. Well, that key can open any golden door that has the same symbol as the key on it.

Next, go down to the bottom, and you will find a piano puzzle that will unlock a special key called the “Iron Key”.

To get to Atelier, you need these two keys.

Once you’ve thoroughly explored this area, you can now unlock other doors in the Courtyard. This door requires a Dimitrescu key which will take you to the Opera Hall and there will be another mini boss fight with one of Dimitrescu’s daughters.

Tips: The key here is to pull the lever attached to one of the blocks in the middle, so that it can release cold air which is a weakness of Dimitrescu’s daughter.

After you beat Dimitrescu’s daughter, then go to the next room. Here you will find a hallway where there will also be a third angel mask and a door to the studio that contains a jigsaw puzzle as well as the entrance to the attic.

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First Bell

bell 1 resident evil village

You will see the first bell right in front of you. Well, what you have to do next is hit or shoot it, so that the bell will produce a sound until a fire burns above it.

If you press all the bells correctly, a small fire will light up.

Second Bell

bell 2 resident evil village

These bells are the hardest to shoot or find because they swing rapidly back and forth behind multiple gears.

This second bell is right in front of you, but the patience of players here will be tested to wait for a good opening to shoot it.

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Third Bell

3 resident evil village bells

For the third bell puzzle, this might be quite easy to miss because of its size, especially there is also a small bell on the cupboard shelf right behind you. If you enter this room, please go directly to the right.

Next shoot, put a small fire on it to continue this challenge.

Fourth Bell

4 bells resident evil village

The next bell is actually located outside the room. But don’t worry, you can find it here. If you see a short staircase in this room, walk up to see the bell.

You have to shoot twice. Once for breaking the glass and another for the bell. Remember to focus, and use your bullets to shoot the bells, not the wind.

Fifth Bell

bell 5 resident evil village

The last bell is hidden in the chandelier. For the best view, stand in the middle of the short staircase.

You might see it at a glance, but to get the full view of the bell just aim at the bottom of the chandelier.

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This will make it sway backwards, fully revealing the final bell you need to solve this puzzle challenge.

Resident Evil Village Bell Puzzle Mission Complete!

big painting lady dimitrescu resident evil village

After you have successfully fired the five bells, then the Lady Dimitrescu painting will move. And shows the secret passage to the attic.

At your feet, to the left, there is a valuable treasure. While on the right there will be stairs to the top.

In the attic you will find a zombie, loot, and important notes. These records detail that there was indeed a way to end Lady Dimitrescu’s life and that she would never live again. On condition, there was someone who was able to find a special tool.

Here we consider finished, now you can find new weapons, sniper rifles, and of course the entrance to the balcony. Sniper will have four bullets in it. When you enter the balcony, you will be awaited by a new enemy.

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Resident Evil Village is now available for you to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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