Resident Evil Village: How To Get The M1897 Shotgun

Resident Evil Village is here to serve the latest mainstream installments for the long-running survival horror franchise. As seen in the trailer and gameplay, Resident Evil Village seems to follow the format of the previous series, namely Resident Evil 7, where this game will feature many terrible challenges.

Interestingly, Village is back with a thick survival horror root and thus, weapons and ammunition will be minimal.

Even so, Resident Evil Village still presents a variety of weapons that you can use, including the iconic weapon, the M1897 Shotgun. Because since the first Resident Evil game was launched, the shotgun has been the main weapon in this series.

Even some of the players may not exchange it for a new weapon they encounter along the way which may also be better than the shotgun.

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Although Village is filled with scary and tense moments, the battles are faster than other series, you know. Especially when compared to Resident Evil 7, where you will encounter many monsters such as vampires, Lycans, and of course Lady Dimitrescu, the iconic RE Village.

Lucky for those of you who get the shotgun early in the game, because you don’t need to solve puzzles or have important items to get them.

Well, in this guide we will discuss the place or location to get a Shotgun in Resident Evil Village. If you’re curious, let’s just take a look below.

Resident Evil Village Shotgun Weapon Locations

To get a shotgun, you have to go to East Old Town. After arriving at that location, Ethan, the main character of the Resident Evil Village, will be attacked by several Lycans. After defeating them, you can still see Lycans around the area, but they won’t attack.

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Go to find the shotgun located in the westernmost house in East Old Town. Then you will find the house easily and look for the stairs to the entrance.

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The shotgun is located in the kitchen of the house, just lying on the table. Then the Lycans you saw earlier start attacking the house, and you have to choose to use a shotgun or handgun to defend against the attack.

The tension starts when you will face the Lycans until you meet a mutant human who carries a giant hammer. If you manage to survive without picking up the shotgun, they’ll walk home to get it without wasting ammo.

However, given the intensity of the first encounter with Lycan, you can easily lose the shotgun. Please note that when Ethan enters Castle Dimitrescu, he will not be able to return to the village until the game ends.

Read: Resident Evil Village: How to Get the M1897 Shotgun

Losing a shotgun early on can be quite a problem, considering that Castle Dimitrescu has a number of terrifying enemies and a fight with Lady Dimitrescu later on, so please make good use of this opportunity. Don’t lose the shotgun!

For those of you who are already in this situation, they can survive until they return to the village or buy a shotgun from the Duke which you can find in the castle. Of course, the last option will cost you some Lei.

Resident Evil Village is now available for you to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. keep up with to get the latest info about Resident Evil Village. Also follow Hobigame’s social media accounts so you don’t miss updates.

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