Resident Evil Village: How to Get Started NG+

Like the previous Resident Evil series, Inside the Village also encourages some gameplay. One way to encourage players to do this is with the “New Game Plus” or commonly called NG+, which is back in the latest game series.

Players can unlock NG+ in RE Village after completing the game for the first time and earning credits. This mode allows players to bring weapons, money, treasures, challenges, and upgrades to new games.

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Almost every item except for the keys is carried, which isn’t surprising since it’s a necessary part of the game’s progression.

How to Start NG+ in RE Village

Hall of Four Resident Evil Village
Photo: IGN
  • Complete the game for the first time to unlock the file”Completed Data
  • Choose “Load Game” in main menu
  • Choose your complete data file
  • Choose the difficulty level you want to start in NG+
  • Reach the Village to gain access to your weapons and items

It should be noted that beating the game for the first time will also give players access to the Village of Horrors difficulty level. This is on par with Madhouse’s difficulty from the RE 7 series as it changes enemy and item placement, checkpoints, and boss power. Both modes will place high-level enemies early in the game, so be prepared.

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We recommend trying the hardest difficulty in NG+ to give you access to weapons as quickly as possible. Players with the “Trauma Pack” DLC can actually get access to this mode from the start, although the difficulty will be a huge chore.

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If you’re currently playing through Resident Evil Village, we’ve made a complete list of RE Village guides that will give you tips on how to play from the beginning of the game to Castle Dimitrescu.

We also have a guide for each boss fight, as well as some explanations about the game mechanics. However, for now we are still gathering some ideas for the next material, so it can be said that the current version of’s RE Village guide is not as complete as possible.

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