Recoil Difference Between How to Shoot Hip Fire and Scope in PUBG Mobile

This time we will discuss the difference in recoil between how to shoot hip fire and scope in the PUBG Mobile game. There is a difference in the recoil effect that results from the two ways of shooting.

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game that is famous for its realistic gameplay. Realistic intent here includes many things. Starting from the world of battle royale which comes with quality graphics that make it look real.

In addition, there are also weapons that come complete with detailed specifications. It makes each weapon have different stats. Therefore, players need a different way to be able to master the weapons in this game.

The difference in stats also affects the performance of the weapon. In addition to damage, another point that affects the performance of weapons is recoil. This point will create a shock to the weapon when firing.

Recoil Difference Between How to Shoot Hip Fire and Scope in PUBG Mobile


Hip fire is a way of shooting without opening the scope in PUBG Mobile. While the way to shoot the scope is to open the scope. Both have different recoil effects.

Weapon recoil does determine the stability of the weapon when the player uses it. However, players can change these points by using certain tricks.

The most commonly recommended method is to install a recoil reduction attachment. Such as compensator, muzzle, or grip. The installation of these attachments can indeed reduce the recoil of the weapon so that it makes the weapon more stable.

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Another way that players can do is by using the shooting method. There are two ways of shooting available in this game, namely by using a scope or without a scope (hip fire).

The two ways of firing produce different recoil effects on the weapon. As reported by Gurugamer, the two ways of shooting provide completely different recoil effects.

the difference in recoil between how to shoot hip fire and scope

Recoil Effect On Hip Fire

If the player shoots without a scope then he will shoot with hip fire. The recoil effect of this way of shooting without a scope results in shots that are irregular in direction.

As can be seen in the illustration above, the hip fire produces shots that not only move vertically but also move horizontally from the direction of the weapon’s crosshair.

Recoil Effect on Shooting with Scope

If the player activates the scope when shooting then he is still exposed to the weapon’s recoil effect. But interestingly the recoil effect is different from the recoil effect on hip fire.

As seen in the illustration above, the recoil effect of shooting with a scope is to produce a vertical shot direction.

This is what players usually feel, namely when shooting, the weapon gets a beat. That makes the bullet shoot in a slightly higher direction than the initial aim.

Both of these comparisons apply to close-range shots or close combat. That’s because if you shoot at long range, it’s impossible for players to shoot without opening the scope.

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