Rebellion Ends the Day With Booyah FFML Season IV Division 1 – Match Day 3

An excellent game from Rebellion which ended positively. The third match day ended sweetly and Rebellion won their Booyah points.

Rebellion was fierce today. Consistently giving lots of kills and a not-so-bad position is certainly a good sign.

Finally they also harvested the points in the last game. Rebellion gets Booyah and also some very helpful kill points.

In the future, maybe Rebellion can be more aggressive because now they seem to have gained very good momentum.

Rebellion is currently in a good position. In terms of their strong performance, they may become a threat to other teams in the future.

There is also still a very big chance for Rebellion if they want to increase their points in the standings. It’s just that Rebellion isn’t so lucky at times when it comes to duels.

Maybe this is a sign of Rebellion getting fiercer later. It’s just that consistency is a weakness of this team that needs to be improved.

If Rebellion can consistently enter the top 5 every match and harvest kills they can be a good thing. But the other teams certainly won’t just stand still.

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